Faced with the current treatment of information, they call for protest

« Turn off your TVs, turn on your brains », A group of citizens calls to protest against the current treatment of media information. They were in front of the BFM TV headquarters on Saturday 5 June, and walked to the France Television and Europe 1 sites. During previous movements, they had presented themselves in front of the Institut Pasteur as well as in front of the Pfizer headquarters, in Paris.

Engaged with the yellow vests, they are now also active with Reinfo Covid, the collective of Louis Fouché. According to them, the ” mainstream media “Fall into propaganda, fabricating consent, to resume the concept of Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman. These showed how the media industry, when linked to power, made it possible to influence the thinking of the people.

This group of citizens then tries to obtain the authorizations to protest in front of the places of power, they were joined this weekend by other sympathizers of well-known collectives on the demonstrations, including Amis-tu, Enfance et Libertés, as well as by the Paris branch of Reinfo Covid. They call on anyone deploring the current treatment of information by the media mainstreams to join them Saturday July 3 at 1:00 p.m. in front of BFM TV (2 rue du Général Alain de Boissieu, in Paris 15th).

« We are necessarily yellow vests, but we do not get stuck on it, we want to unite with all those who support initiatives that criticize the government »Explains Marie-Charlotte, declaring,« the main thing is the common good. This is the most important and we do not see these media defending it, on the contrary “. They describe their action as a movement of ” liberation of information in order to regain media power ».

According to this teacher, we owe this situation in particular to the fact that the media are very dependent on those who own them, ” there is the problem of who dictates the publication, the problem of editorial line. BFM has links with Gilead, (editor’s note: pharmaceutical laboratory), everyone needs to know it anyway. Even for the public media! It’s our money that keeps them going, so in theory we have the right to have control over journalists. We should have a say in what they are doing. »

Also declaring, Florence, nurse, already regretted that a lot of information was mistreated in relation to the situation of caregivers. She denounces the fact that these media have barely raised the resignations of nursing staff, because of modern working conditions, but also from a moral point of view, many cannot bear to incite people to get vaccinated while these products are experimental.

Marie-Charlotte herself had tried to present to her fellow teachers the facts about the danger of vaccination on young people, or on the inconsistencies between the health situation and the political measures taken based on it. The consequences were harsh for her: her relatives make the policy of ” ostrich », To look elsewhere so as not to see the problem. ” They don’t know who to believe anymore », This is what the media have achieved mainstreams, people no longer want to take the time to understand. These powerful media have failed in their mission to educate everyone, and are satisfied with it, because their message has passed and those who bring other, independent views on the issue are categorized as dissidents.

These registrants, along with a few others, posted a video on the Covid Réinfo channel, in order to deal with this media subject.

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