Faced with the iPad Air 4, what is left of the iPad Pro?

In its fourth generation available from next month, theiPad Air will take a big leap forward. A leap so great that it will even overshadow the iPad Pro from which it is largely inspired.

The iPad Air 4 indeed takes the design and manufacture of the iPad Pro 11 “, with a few micro-details (the Air is thicker by 0.2 mm and lighter by 13 g).

The new colors of the iPad Air 4 (it is also available in space gray and silver). Apple image.

Not only does the iPad Pro no longer have a monopoly on “all-screen” design, but it also faces stiff competition in the performance field. Its A12Z chip is very powerful, but it should be overtaken by the new A14. The latter is “The most efficient ever designed by Apple”, according to words by Greg Joswiak, which leaves little doubt about the hierarchy. It remains to be seen the gap between the two.

Despite everything, the iPad Pro retains several advantages – still fortunate, since it is sold more expensive. Here they are :

A 12.9 “version and very large storage capacities

Yes, if you want a very large tablet, only the iPad Pro exists in 12.9 “. But if that does not matter to you, it’s good to go between the iPad Air 4 (10.9” screen ) and the iPad Pro 11 “.

Similarly, if you need 512 GB, or even 1 TB of storage, only the iPad Pro can offer it. The iPad Air 4 is limited to 256 GB. The amount of RAM could also remain higher on iPad Pro (6 GB against we do not yet know how much on iPad Air).

600 nits brightness and ProMotion

Speaking of the screen, the iPad Air 4 has all the features of the iPad Pro 11 “(264 dpi resolution, laminated screen, color space P3, True Tone …), except for two.

The maximum brightness of the iPad Air 4 is 500 nits, while that of the iPad Pro is 600 nits. But what will make a bigger difference every day is the presence on the iPad Pro of ProMotion, the technology that makes animations and scrolls even smoother thanks to a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

iPad Air 4

When you’ve never tasted ProMotion, this technology may seem unnecessary (yes, the animations are already smooth on your iPad), but once you’ve tried it, you can quickly get a taste (the animations are still smoother than before!).

Sophisticated photo equipment

Even if the iPad Air 4 is muscular in terms of photography compared to its predecessor, the iPad Pro retains the advantage in the field. It can assert its ultra wide-angle lens on the back, its TrueDepth camera on the front (for Portrait mode and other functions), its LiDAR scanner as well as a flash.

Four speakers

Apple boasts about the iPad Air 4 “Stereo speakers in landscape mode, for an enhanced audio experience and more immersive stereo sound when watching videos”, only this tablet has only two speakers, while the iPad Pro has four. The power and quality of reproduction of the Pro should remain superior.

Face ID ?

The iPad Air 4 no longer has a home button, but it doesn’t adopt Face ID either. The tablet inaugurates Touch ID housed in the ignition button (“upper button”, as Apple calls it). The iPad Pro has Face ID.

The Touch ID button on the iPad Air 4

But can we consider Face ID as an advantage over this new Touch ID? It is still too early to say it, it will be necessary to judge on the piece. As we know, the two technologies each have their advantages and disadvantages – in this regard, the iPad undoubtedly suffers less from the faults of Face ID than the iPhone.

A narrowing gap

The rates

iPad Air 4 :

  • 64 Go : 669 €
  • 64 GB cellular: 809 €
  • 256 Go : 839 €
  • 256 GB cellular: 979 €

iPad Pro 11″ :

  • 128 Go : 899 €
  • 128 GB cellular: € 1,069
  • 256 Go : 1 009 €
  • 256 GB cellular: € 1,179

Ultimately, the gap between the iPad Air and the iPad Pro narrows considerably. It could even be reversed in terms of power! All this has to be paid for. € 100 more expensive than its predecessor, the iPad Air 4 is therefore close to the price of the iPad Pro. The price difference between the two nevertheless remains significant.

Is it worth the extra $ 230 on ProMotion, a more versatile camera and Face ID? Even if we have our little idea, we will not give a definitive answer until we have been able to test the iPad Air 4, which will be released next month.


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