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Faced with the waste crisis, Payan calls on Macron

Benoît Payan in Marseille, September 2.

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Benoît Payan in Marseille, September 2.

“Immediate reform of local governance” to get out of the waste crisis in Marseille. In a letter addressed to Emmanuel Macron, that Release was able to consult the mayor of Marseille, Benoit Payan, appeals to the state after tons of rubbish accumulated following a week’s strike by garbage collectors were washed away on Monday by thunderstorms and dumped into the sea. In his missive, the elected leftist denounces above all “The lack of anticipation in waste management” by the metropolis (in the hands of LR Martine Vassal), pointing “Ineffective tangles of skills”.

“Only an immediate reform of local governance and the distribution of local operational skills can put an end to it, estimates Payan, pleading for the town hall to manage the waste collection itself in its area. The Marseillaises and the Marseillais no longer support general irresponsibility and immobility. Nobody understands, nor accepts that these daily skills are exercised by others than those that the Marseillaises and the Marseillais have chosen for themselves. “

“Territorial governance running out of steam”

Visiting Marseille for three days at the very beginning of September, the Head of State himself noted “A metropolis that spends too much time redistributing […] and who has difficulty in carrying out projects of metropolitan interest ”. What Payan obviously does not fail to remind him in his letter. “You have pointed out, like us, the dysfunctions of a territorial governance that is at the end of its rope. Marseille needs to regain its sovereignty. This must notably involve redefining the perimeters and missions of the territorial councils, aimed at restoring the exercise of local skills to the city ”, writing the one who replaced Michèle Rubirola in December.

Obviously, on the metropolitan side, the words of Benoît Payan do not pass. “Using a natural disaster to play gutter politics is unworthy of responsible elected officials”, denounced the elected representatives of the right-wing majority in the metropolis in a press release. On the front line, the president, Martine Vassal, castigates in a tweet “Sterile polemics”, ensuring that the agents of the metropolis do their best to clean the beaches and the city, supporting photos.

On Monday, tons of garbage and shattered trash bags effectively invaded the roadway and were washed away by severe weather. A phenomenon accentuated with the accumulation of waste caused by the garbage collectors’ strike which had ended on the eve of the weekend, after an agreement reached with the majority union FO around the application of the 35 hours for garbage collectors.

However, this Wednesday, a lot of waste was still abandoned in Marseille and in the surrounding municipalities depending on the metropolis: “100% of the agents are on strike in Martigues and Istres, that is to say a little less than 200 people”, assured AFP Véronique Dolot, CGT manager. And the subject should bounce back on Thursday, since the Metropolitan Council will address in particular the issue of … waste governance.

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