Facing the elections, Banco Nación is offering loans for up to 10 years to renovate or expand homes

The Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA) launched a new line of credit of up to $ 2 million, with a fixed rate of 19% during the first year, without a mortgage guarantee, which can be paid in a maximum of 10 years. These loans are intended for the renovation, expansion and completion of a single dwelling and permanent occupancy throughout the country.

The credit may be applied to the construction of additional environments to those already existing in the home, to make arrangements that allow the improvement of the home or to allocate the funds for the interconnection of basic services to the sewage or gas network, as well as to make improvements in facilities. electrical.

“Being able to offer these loans for home renovation, expansion and completion gives us a lot of satisfaction because It implies providing solutions to the families that need it and improving their quality of life ”, he pointed the president of the BNA, Eduardo Hecker. The manager also emphasized the advantageous conditions that support the offer of the loans. That financial assistance will be awarded “In pesos, at affordable interest rates and very beneficial terms” for all Argentines and Argentines, Hecker pointed out.

Who will be able to access the credits? Tall people who collect salaries through the BNA; also retirees and pensioners, and self-employed / monotributistas (In all cases, they must contract a service package).

Other people who open a service package with the BNA and begin to credit their assets in the bank may be added, with the same conditions.

The share value of credits is up to 30% of demonstrable income; The income of two owners and two co-owners can be added together. The loans will be available from Monday, September 6 at all Banco Nación branches. Those interested can consult the requirements at www.bna.com.ar.

Unlike traditional lines, in the long term, with these types of destinations no mortgage guarantee will be required, that is to say that the credits will be granted single signatureinformed the bank.

For applicants who receive income through the BNA and self-employed / monotributistas, who have or access a service package at the bank, it will apply a fixed Initial Interest rate of 19% (TNA), which will govern for the first 12 months and then will be adjusted annually by the evolution of the Salary Variation Coefficient (CVS), published by INDEC.

“This updating scheme will guarantee a reasonable relationship between the share value and income,” Hecker pointed out.

Another advantage of the proposal is that applicants can access the benefits established in RG 680/1999 of the AFIP, which establishes that they would not pay VAT on the Interest of each installment


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