Facundo Campazzo to the NBA. He was criticized in Denver for his height and a rival defended him: how much will he play?

Facundo Campazzo, wearing the Argentine national team shirt, attacks Nikola Jokic during the historic match against Serbia in the last World Cup; Now they’ll both be partners in Denver

And Facundo Campazzo, 29, has not played for several seasons in the NBA is, mainly, by the doubts that its height generates (1.79m). Its development in Europe also raised its salary claims in the last five years. And no franchise in the United States seemed willing to take that supposed risk with such a low player.

It is not known well when the Cordoba convinced Denver. If it was his absolute dominance in Europe in these years or his wonderful World Cup in China. The truth is the Nuggets were encouraged to take the step. But even with the confirmation of his arrival, that prejudiced look on his physique not only did not disappear, but already it aroused criticism in some North American journalists.

To start, the specialized page Hoops Hype, which gave the scoop on the Argentine’s biannual contract with Denver, presented it like this: “He is the shortest player in NBA history among those who have not had college experience.”, it was explained with that particularity that North Americans have to find convoluted statistics.

Campazzo developed some nifty tricks to make up for his size, but those issues will be much more of a concern when he gets to the NBA. Don’t get your hopes up here

TJ McBride, Periodista de Denver

The day Campazzo covered Kobe Bryant

But it is the local media that have the most doubts. TJ McBride, from the portal Mile High Sports, said he finds it strange that Campazzo joins a team where the position has many talented alternatives. In his column he wrote: “It is safe to assume that for Campazzo to emerge from a situation like that (N. de la R: as leader of Real Madrid), he probably has expectations about his role and playing time in the Nuggets. So what? How would Denver’s rotation work with Campazzo on the team? “

For Facundo Campazzo (1.79), height is not a limitation when facing great challenges, as in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, when he met the North American DeAndre Jordan (2.11)

But he even went far beyond journalistic analysis, on his Twitter account. There he questioned Campazzo. “He often struggles on defense and developed some clever tricks to make up for his size, but those issues will be much more worrisome when he gets to the NBA. Shane Larkin abused him many times and that will be the type of players who will defend him in the United States. Don’t get your hopes up here, “he analyzed.

Who is Shane Larkin? An American point guard who played in the NBA in Dallas, New York (there he was a teammate of Pablo Prigioni), Brooklyn and Boston. Then he went to Europe, to Baskonia, and was Campazzo’s rival. But it is not so true that in the confrontations with each other he has dominated the Argentine. Curiously, Larkin is 6’7 ” tall, just a centimeter taller than Denver’s brand new point guard.

Facundo Campazzo came to the NBA and in the United States they criticized him before he started playing;  the exchange of views between a Denver journalist and Shane Larkin
Facundo Campazzo came to the NBA and in the United States they criticized him before he started playing; the exchange of views between a Denver journalist and Shane Larkin

And even Larkin himself went to the McBride crossroads and defended the Argentine: “He is not the same boy he was a few years ago. Do not discredit him. He will be fine,” the current Efes player, from Turkey, replied to the journalist.

Campazzo’s role in Denver

Until it reaches the franchise and its integration is seen, it is difficult to know what kind of role Denver intends to give Campazzo. It is true that the position in which he plays is saturated with players. The main point guard is the talented Canadian Jamal Murray (1.93m), a star who had a formidable performance in the last playoffs. Your alternate, Monte Morris (1.91), it is also very good; and although there were rumors about a possible transfer, The Denver Post posted that the Nuggets plan to sign a two-year contract extension.

Rotation includes PJ Dozier (1.98), a 24-year-old who made little of the rotation last season, but had some good games in the playoffs, as a guard or guard. Y Gary Harris (1.93), who is a more defined shooting guard and can be a consistent scorer. About him there are also rumors of exchanges. Especially to cover some position in the inside game after Mason Plumlee’s departure.

In Peñarol, the first dunk of his career

To make matters worse, the Nuggets signed a “two way” contract with Markus Howard (1.80). These “two-way” agreements allow teams to sign players who will mostly perform in the G League (the second NBA competition), but who can join the main team if they perform well. The funny thing is, Denver is the only team in the NBA that doesn’t have a team in that competition. However, he can transfer the player to any other franchise.

Howard was the top scorer in Division I (top NCAA college category), averaging 27.2 points per game at Marquette College.

Campazzo against Jamal Murray, at the 2015 Pan American Games

As will be seen, the internal competition that Campazzo will face to win his minutes will be very tough.

According to the Denver Post, the intention is for the Argentine to join as an impulse from the substitute bench. “I could add the creation needed for a second unit that struggled to score last season,” he explained.

Regarding the rumors for his height, it is not something new for Campazzo. The uncertainty that was generated around him in each step he took had the same question. His size was presented as a problem when he came to Peñarol in the National League, when he went to the ACB League in Real Madrid and Murcia, when they gave him participation in the Euroleague, when he was called up for the first time to the national team. Everyone knows how each of those stories ended. This is the final challenge. There is no adventure superior to the NBA. Although if she existed, Campazzo would go looking for her without hesitation.

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