Fadia, Ahlam’s sister found dead in Liège, fears seeing her brother come to her house: “He is proud now”

Fadia is 41 years old and lives in fear of being killed by one of her family members. She is Ahlam’s sister, this young Syrian girl killed by a bullet in the head, in Liège. His brother is suspected of being the perpetrator of what looks like an honor killing. The victim’s sister dreads meeting the same fate. She was placed under police protection.

“We did not ask anyone for anything. We live our quiet life, why did they (note: his brothers) do that”, she wonders.

Fadia knows the price of freedom quite well. At 18, she was forcibly married in Syria. With her husband, she arrived in Belgium before having 4 children and discovering life in the West.

In 2011, she divorced this violent man. Shame on the family. Not for his sister, but for his brothers who say they have lost their honor.

“Because of me Ahlam adopted the Belgian way of life, in which one lives freely. They did not accept that. My sister was not a good girl for them. They are proud now, no one talks about it anymore. my sister or me in pain “, says Fadia.

She called her mom in Syria, but her brother, their alleged murderer, was next to her. The conversation was therefore cut short. “He said to my mother, if you cry, you will follow your daughter. She is dead and we are happy. Even that, he said it. My mother cannot cry for her daughter. I’m afraid, I don’t sleep at night anymore. “

Today, she has no idea of ​​the contacts that her brothers could still have on Belgian territory. She no longer goes out and waits for a proposal from the police to put her to safety.

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