“Failure”: Alfredo Cornejo’s harsh response to Alberto Fernández for managing the pandemic

Alfredo Cornejo replied to Alberto Fernández: “The Government is a failure” Credit: UCR Press

The national deputy and head of the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo, responded today to the president Alberto Fernandez, who criticized the opposition and assured that “thank goodness that Peronism is ruling” in the midst of the economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, by leading the act for Loyalty Day. “Kirchnerist Peronism, which is ruling, is doing it wrong. The health strategy has been a disaster, the numbers show that. And his economy and health contradiction was not that of a statesman. He himself said that they were going to privilege health, “said Cornejo, in dialogue with Radio Miter.

Cornejo said that the Government is “getting a failure” in pandemic management and economic crisis.

According to Cornejo, “the health strategy is not the correct one.” “Last week’s announcement is a narrative. They pretend they are concerned about the health situation and now they recharge the provinces to try to show that the health strategy was successful in the AMBA and not in the rest of the country,” he said.

Immediately, the legislator of Juntos por el Cambio added: “The numbers show that the quarantine closed in AMBA had the same progression as having opened in Mendoza.”

After ten hard months of management and seven opposing flags, Fernández led an act at the CGT for Loyalty Day, in which he called for unity “without hatred”, at the most severe moment of the health and economic crisis. “We are going to put this collapsed Argentina on its feet, we are going to cure this sick Argentina. We are going to do it without hatred,” said Fernández, in the Felipe Vallese room, where the main figures of the ruling party, officials, attended governors, mayors and union members. Among them were the representatives of all the internal currents of the Frente de Todos.

But there was a very notorious absence: that of the vice president Cristina Kirchner, who only expressed himself through a message on Twitter. “Cristina is always there,” Fernández tried to unzip after the act.

The central act was accompanied by a full day of activities in different stages. It started in the morning with a march by the truckers union and Smata (mechanics) on 9 de Julio avenue, followed at noon with an act in front of the Uocra headquarters (construction) and was promoted in the afternoon, coinciding with the act in the CGT, with a mobilization in vehicles through the avenues that lead to the Plaza de Mayo.

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