Failure in the US Court of Appeals: VW threatens another billion dollar charge

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In 2015, the diesel scandal in the United States was exposed. Since then VW has been struggling with the consequences. To date, more than 30 billion euros have been paid in punitive and compensation payments. Billions more could now be added in the United States.

In the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen suffered a defeat before a US appeals court. The US agency decided that VW could not protect itself from potential financial penalties from two districts in Florida and Utah, which could lead to enormous additional burdens for the car company.

VW benefits 132.50

The Salt Lake, Utah, and Hillsborough, Florida districts had sued VW for excessive climate-damaging diesel emissions. You could theoretically claim a billion from VW. VW said if necessary to ask the Supreme Court for further investigation into the case.

The diesel scandal was exposed in September 2015 under pressure from the US environmental authorities. Volkswagen had admitted that it had manipulated millions of diesel emissions through special software. This ensures that diesel cars comply with the nitrogen oxide limit values ​​on the test bench, but emit many more of the toxic exhaust gases on the road.

For Volkswagen, “Dieselgate” is a financial disaster: the redress of the scandal has cost the group more than 30 billion euros so far – above all through penalties and compensation payments in North America.



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