Fake chain about privacy circulates on WhatsApp

In the last days WhatsApp sent a message to its users to inform them that it would make some changes to its privacy policy, which caused a lot of confusion.

Faced with the avalanche of criticism, the company reported on the delay in its implementation, which was agreed for February 8 and was changed to May 15.

As a result, many are concerned about the possibility of lose your privacy and have your information shared with Facebook, though WhatsApp reported that personal data, messages and calls will remain private.

However, with the misinformation that exists, these days a chain in which it is ensured that, by forwarding it to 10 contacts, the account is safe, which is false.

Although this type of message with false information It has been circulating for years, it became relevant in recent days, due to the changes that WhatsApp announced.

False message

In the message you can read: “I DO NOT AUTHORIZERemember, the new Whatsap rule that allows you to use your photos begins tomorrow! Remember that the deadline is today! It can be used in lawsuits against you. Everything you have published can be published from today, including deleted messages ”.

The chain also states that, with a simple copy and paste, the messaging app is informed that the company is not being given permission, or to any organization associated with WhatsApp, such as Facebook e Instagram, to use your images, information, messages, photos, deleted texts and files.

Finally, they ensure that the information is real and that it is asked to share the message in 10 groups, after which a “Green popcorn” indicating that your cell phone is already protected with this rule.

When it comes to these types of messages, which are forwarded multiple times, WhatsApp shows a magnifying glass on the right side that, when you click it, sends the information directly to your browser to search for it on the internet, so that you can know, in a simple way, if it has been reported as false.

The courier company asserted that new changes will be focused on improving the shopping experience with WhatsApp Business and on providing more transparency on how information is collected and used for the same purpose.

In addition, he reported that through States on WhatsApp Messages will appear, which will be deleted after 24 hours, to reaffirm that no one will see the personal information of each user.

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