Fake Jason Statham cheats Graubünden for 60,000 francs

Actionstar Jason Statham an der «Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw»-Premiere 2019 in London.

Samir Hussein/WireImage

Just recently, a Bernese fan transferred a lot of money to a fraudster for marrying Beatrice Egli. Now a new case from Switzerland is coming to light. This time, a Grisons Hollywood star Jason Statham transferred her fortune.

The virtual love story started three years ago. The now 60-year-old from Graubünden was in a divorce and longs for attention. She got on Instagram. There she followed her favorite actor, Hollywood star Jason Statham. Started texting him. And after a while he even replied: «Instagram was new to me. I quickly realized that you can write to the stars directly. It felt good to exchange messages with my idol », the unknown woman tells «Blick.ch».

Over time, more and more messages went back and forth between the Swiss woman and her film idol. “Statham” sent Herzli and rose emoiis. And started asking for money. Sometimes he needed it for a children’s charity, sometimes for iPad games for his children.

Lost everything

And the new Instagram user paid well, sometimes 1000 francs, sometimes 4000 francs – then 60,000 francs in total. Over time, she became more suspicious and asked what the money was for.

But instead of meeting the hero from the “Fast & Furious” series, the bitter awakening came. When the unknown Graubünden woman reads about the beaten Beatrice Egli fan, it dawns on her. Too late. The mountain of debt is big, she lives with her ex-husband again and now wants to save other people from their fate of falling for a fake Insta profile of a star.

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