“Fake news” Lampang Hospital launches influenza vaccination service to the general public

Date 13 Oct ’64 Col. Krishna Pattanacharoen, deputy spokesman for the Royal Thai Police. revealed that the Anti-Center fake news Royal Thai Police It was confirmed that it was detected. One additional case of distorted news is the case of information being forwarded on social media on the subject of Lampang Hospital’s opening of influenza vaccination services to the general public. until the vaccine runs out the anti-fake news center conducted a fact check by the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health The Ministry of Public Health found that the issue is misinformation

In the case of forwarding information fake newsIt states that Lampang Hospital is offering influenza vaccination services around the general public Monday – Friday with an ID card. until the vaccine runs out through the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health Ministry of Health has clarified the facts on such issues that There is a real influenza vaccination service. But it is a service for risk groups only. It is not open to the public yet.

The service criteria are as follows:
1. In case of receiving vaccine against COVID Able to get influenza vaccination. 2 weeks after receiving the second dose of the covid vaccine
2. Pregnant women, gestational age 4 months or more (services throughout the year)
3. Children aged 6 months to 2 years, all
4. People with 7 chronic diseases (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, kidney failure, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and diabetes)
5. Persons aged 65 years and over
6. People with cerebral palsy who cannot help themselves
7. Thalassemia and immunocompromised people (including symptomatic HIV-infected people)
8. Obesity (weight > 100 kg or BMI > 35 kg per square meter)

fake news

Groups that invite them to receive injections are in accordance with the policies of the Ministry of Public Health and NHSO. It is a group at risk of being sick with severe symptoms according to Articles 2-8 and must be separated from the second dose of COVID-19 vaccination for 2 weeks (according to item 1). It is a free injection. Other groups of people can go for injections at hospitals and clinics at their own expense.

Therefore, the information that is posted and continue to share now therefore it is distorted information. fake newsAsking people for cooperation, not sharing, not forwarding such news to prevent potential impacts. and for the public to be able to follow the correct information from the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health You can contact us at 0-2590-1000.

The conclusion of this story is There is a real influenza vaccination service. But it is a service for those at risk groups. It is not yet open to the public.

The deputy spokesman for the Royal Thai Police added that fake news production create distorted news fake newscausing the country to be damaged, confused by the people The Computer Crimes Act, Section 14(2),(5) carries a penalty of imprisonment for not more than 5 years or a fine of not more than 100,000 baht, or both. and may be considered an offense under the Emergency Decree including other laws related The relevant authorities will continue to take serious and continuous legal action against all fake news producers and publishers.


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