Fake Video Circulating: Tornado After Hurricane Idalia in Florida

2023-09-11 12:50:27

He Wednesday 30 of August, Hurricane Idalia made landfall near Keaton Beach, Florida, USA. When it arrived with winds of 205 kilometers per hour, the National Hurricane Center classified it as a category 3 hurricane. In this context, users have shared on social networks impressive records of the Idalia Pass. One of them would be a alleged tornado in a place without specifying the state. However, that is not a recent record: dates from 2022 and was recorded in Kansas.

Since Wednesday, a 19-second video that consists of two clips has been circulating. The first of them, which lasts 11 seconds, shows a tornado destroying the buildings in its path, until reaching the site from which it is being recorded. There is no narration, just the sound of the storm and tornado. The second recording is recorded from a vehicle and the vision is limited for a few seconds. Despite this, It is observed how a tornado drags the car with it in front of the person recording.

The posts that attach the video have the same description and accumulate thousands of views on X, formerly Twitter. “Hurricane Idalia, category 4, makes landfall in Florida bringing 12-foot waves and a tornado. I hope it happens soon.”

A video that does not correspond to Hurricane Idalia is circulating on X, formerly Twitter.

This video does not show a tornado after Hurricane Idalia passed through Florida

However, Neither of the two clips in the 19-second video correspond to Idalia’s passage. Actually, one of them was recorded in the United States, and the other was recorded in Taiwan in 2022 and 2015, respectively.

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We make a reverse frame lookup from first clipwhich led us to a video on Facebook Watch published in May 2022. It is a 27 second record and that, according to the description, it was recorded in Andover, Kansas. The user who shared it claims that the video was recorded by Taylor Train.

We make a keyword search to find more information about it. The results include a series of portals that, in 2022, republished the video and that credit Taylor Train as the person who recorded them. local media KWCH y YOU ARE They spoke with Train on April 30 and May 4, respectively, about what happened at their home during the tornado.

The second clip does not correspond to Hurricane Idalia either

On the other hand, the reverse frame lookup of second clip He led us to various portals that, in August 2015, used a thumbnail for their press articles. On August 11, Irish Examiner wrote regarding Typhoon Soudelor that hit Taiwan. One day later, Telefe News He published a fragment of the newscast on his Facebook account in which he also reported this fact. In the full video you can see that the vehicle that is dragged by the tornado ends up in the top of a tree:

It is based on the above that we rate posts with both clips as fake. In reality, the video does not reflect the passage of a tornado in Florida, but is composed of two unrelated clips. While the first was recorded in Kansas in 2022, the second dates back to 2015 and was recorded in Taiwan.

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