Falabella worker lost her baby after being hit in the stomach during a demonstration | National

The CMR Falabella de Viña del Mar workers union will file legal actions against those responsible for the assault on a pregnant worker, who product of the blow she lost the baby she was expecting.

The event occurred last Monday in the middle of the demonstrations of the workers’ strike that began on November 13, which with a 83% approval at the country level opted for a legal strike it was going to start at the beginning of the year.

Andrea Marchant, president of the CMR Falabella workers union, reported that a demonstration was held as normal at the Viña del Mar branch, bringing together personnel from different multi-store headquarters in the region.

Marchant pointed out that it was a client who attacked the worker and confirmed that after his period of rest passed as a result of the fact, will file legal actions.

It is about 1,200 workers, of which 90% are women. The stoppage seeks a readjustment in the payment of sales commissions, and greater equality of benefits among the workers of the Falabella bank, considered to have unequal payments.

Through a statement, the company said that they regretted what happened to the worker and that they have been trying to contact her to offer their support in whatever they require.

Regarding the strike, they said they have presented six proposals and all have been rejected.

As part of the process and based on what was agreed between the union and the labor management mediator, they will present a new proposal for the workers to analyze.


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