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Millonarios fans get excited when Radamel Falcao García is talked about. El Tigre, 34, has expressed his taste for the blue box in Bogotá, so his future arrival in the team will always be a reason to be excited.

In Turkey things are not good. Galatasaray has not been able to enjoy the scorer who stood out in Spain, France and Portugal, due to his constant injuries, therefore, the rumors about his departure from the club are getting louder. In addition, his high salary is another reason for the directors of the lions institution to think of another forward.

With the arrival of Fredy Guarín to Millonarios, the probability for Falcao to land in the country’s capital increased. At a press conference, the midfielder, former Inter Milan, among others, assured that he had communicated with the forward, after signing his link with the club and reported that wearing the Albiazul shirt is a dream for both of them.

“Yes we have talked about it. When the Millionaires thing was made official, we talked, we exchanged a few words there: I said to him: ‘Well Tigre, it’s time for him to come, I’m already here, as we’ve always talked about.’ But hey, let’s hope it’s not after I retire, ”he said.

The arrival of Falcao to Millonarios is not so easy, in addition to the high salary that the player manages, several aspects play against the possible signing of the Tiger, however, in the world of football everything can happen and, although it will not happen in this semester, the possibility is.

Here at FUTBOLRED we review three reasons that make Falcao’s arrival possible and three reasons that prevent him from signing.

YES Falcao would arrive

A dream: It is no secret to anyone that Radamel Falcao is a fan of Millionaires. On several occasions, the Samarian gunner has expressed his desire to wear the blue shirt and, at 34, ending his career in Colombia would not be a far-fetched idea.

Furthermore, his wife, Lorelei Taron, in an old interview confirmed Radamel’s desire to wear the ambassador’s colors: ‘I think at some point … hopefully. Sure yes. He likes it and always says that he would like to play in Millonarios, ”said Taron at the time. Which means that the decision would not be personal, but a family one, a fundamental aspect for the scorer.

Colombia selection: Falcao García would be much closer to the Tricolor if he decides to play in the Colombian League, than in other less showy and competitive leagues such as MLS.

With Reinaldo Rueda in the Colombian National Team, the local championship players will have more opportunities to wear the shirt of the national team, which is why being in Millonarios would be a good opportunity for Radamel at the end of his career.

Family – Colombia: From a very young age, Falcao left the country to shine with his football abroad. Together with his wife, Lorelei, they have formed a family far from Colombia, however, El Tigre wants his daughters, who were born in different countries, to have that Colombian roots, so it would be the ideal time for them to enjoy the country originally.

Falcao would not arrive

Salary: Falcao is a world-class player and his salary is quite high. In Galatasaray, he earns close to 5 million euros per season, a figure impossible to pay in Colombian football, less in times of crisis. If you want to play in Millionaires, you will have to reduce your income considerably, an aspect that is not enough for a player with her luxuries and obligations.

Elite player: Although he is 34 years old and near the end of his career, Falcao’s conditions will continue to be a minor fact, his goals, movements and ambitions, make the Tigre a player of integrity. In Europe they want him, suitors won’t need him.

MLS: There are few leagues that can afford to pay what a top-level player earns in Europe, precisely one of those is MLS. Inter Miami, Portland Timbers and the Nashville Soccer Club have shown a certain type of interest in the Colombian and, although negotiations have not taken place, the North American league is still in the orbit of the gunner.

In addition to the taste for competition, the United States is a country that attracts for the quality of life, it is compared with some countries on the Old Continent, which is why MLS continues to be a very strong option.


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