“Fall Guys” x Monopoly! Board game “MONOPOLY Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Edition” now on sale at Amazon | Game * Spark

Mediatonic and Hasbro are the popular battle royal party game “Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutAnd the board game “Monopoly“Collaborated with”MONOPOLY Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout EditionWas announced.From today in AmericaAmazonIt is also on sale at.

In the game, familiar characters appear as pieces. In addition to various “rounds” arranged as real estate, “Kudos” as money and “crowns” as important collection items are prepared, and elements unique to “Fall Guys” are prepared.

Also, the biggest feature is that obstacles such as “seesaw” and “hammer” are placed on the stage. In addition to gaining kudos by the “knockout dice” that the player rolls at the beginning of the turn, it seems that various obstacles such as activating obstacles and moving other players are also possible.

“MONOPOLY Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Edition” is $ 26.49 in the USAmazonOn sale at. According to the official Twitter of the game, it will be available soon in countries other than the United States.

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