Famicom Detective Club receives the first release in English on May 14 – Todogamers.cl – Video Game News and Reviews

Nintendo is finally getting into the detective business.

Nintendo has one of the oldest franchises that has never seen a launch outside of Japan changing that destination in May.

Two episodes of the Famicom Detective Club, previously announced for Japan only, will take place outside of Japan on May 14. Both stories, “The Missing Heir” and “The Girl Left Behind,” will sell for $ 34.99 or its equivalent – buying one will provide a $ 10 discount for the other. (Since Nintendo won’t charge any pre-order fees until May 7, the discount won’t appear until then.)

The original Famicom Tantei Club sets were produced for the Famicom Disc System, and the late Gunpei Yokoi made them with a Yoshio Sakamoto case.

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