Families of Covid-19 victims demand national tribute

At the funeral home of the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. (drawing) – FRANCOIS GUILLOT / AFP

Almost a year since the Covid-19 made its first victims in France, almost as many as the families of the dead and deceased are fighting to pay tribute worthy of the name to their missing relatives. So,
The Parisian publishes this Wednesday morning a letter addressed to Emmanuel Macron from Sabrina Sellami, referent for Ile-de-France of the association Victims of Covid-19, where she asks for the organization of a national tribute ceremony for the victims of the novel coronavirus. They are now more than 70,000 in France.

“Mr. President, let us pay them the tribute that our society, respectful of these values ​​which they defended, owes them. (…) We know as we speak that the priority is the fight to eradicate this deadly virus. When the time comes, we will have to look at this day of national mourning and we can discuss it with you, ”says Sabrina Sellami who, at the very start of the epidemic in France, lost her father and brother in the space of three weeks.

Ten days of national mourning in Spain

What she and the association of which she is a member denounce the lack of humanity in the treatment of patients with Covid-19 at the end of their life, who, for fear of contamination, cannot be accompanied by their loved ones. “They left like plague victims, a body or rather a package stuffed with viruses and which had to be got rid of as quickly as possible. They were put in a plastic bag sprayed with bleach, naked, without prior toiletries and the orifices blocked, without being able to say goodbye to them. “

And then the funeral, long reduced to its strictest expression at the time of the first confinement, of course did not measure up: “They were thrown into a coffin without a religious rite for believers, buried as anonymous. And since there was no lifting of the body, doubt took hold of us. Is it our dead that we are burying? ”From all this arises an immense unease for the families of victims who still say“ to suffer ”.

Sabrina Sellami wants to “rehabilitate the dignity of missing persons” thanks to this national tribute that she calls for. She takes the example of Spain, which in its time decreed ten days of national mourning. For the moment, the Elysee has not provided a response to this request.

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