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Toronto: Four Indians, including a baby, have been found dead on the US-Canada border. The bodies were found on Wednesday. The tragedy occurred while trying to enter the United States illegally.

The temperature here is minus 35 degrees Celsius. The bodies were found just 12 meters from the US border. Police said they have launched an investigation to find out the details of the deceased.

Foreign Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has said that the news is shocking. S Jaishankar reacted to the incident. The Indian embassy in Canada was directed to take immediate action. Two adults, a teenager and a young child were killed. Police said they belonged to a family.

It is believed that the family was brought here by human traffickers. Florida native Steve Shand, 47, was arrested Thursday in connection with the incident. He is believed to be a link in a human trafficking ring for huge rewards from passengers.

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Abu Dhabi Attack | ‘Houthis use missiles and drones in Abu Dhabi attack’; UAE Ambassador to the US

The UAE ambassador to the United States said on Wednesday that the Houthis had used cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and drones for the Abu Dhabi attack. Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba said that not only drones but also missiles were used in the attack carried out by the Iranian-backed Houthis.

“The Houthis have been carrying out a number of attacks using cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and drones in targeted areas in the UAE,” al-Otaiba said. He was speaking at a virtual ceremony hosted by the Jewish Institute for National Security in the United States.

Saudi allied forces retaliated in Houthi strongholds following the Abu Dhabi attack. Heavy airstrikes on Houthi bases in Sana’a, Yemen. The coalition said yesterday that the missile system had been destroyed in an attack on Houthi bases in Sana’a.

Saudi Arabia has said Houthi terrorism is a threat to peace in the Arab region following the attack. Qatar’s Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the attack, which violates all international norms.

But Yemeni Houthi rebels later claimed responsibility for the attack. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a group of oil tankers carrying petroleum products near the warehouse of oil company Adnoc. A fire also broke out in the new construction site of Abu Dhabi International Airport. Preliminary investigations by the police revealed that this was also a drone attack.

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Meanwhile, the UAE ambassador to the United States has revealed that the Houthis used cruise and ballistic missiles for the attack. During the preliminary investigation, parts of a small aircraft were found in the area.

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