Family man catches an alligator with a garbage can

Updated September 30, 2021, 4:23 pm

  • A family man in Florida takes action when he comes across a mighty alligator on his doorstep.
  • A garbage can serves as a trap for the 26-year-old.
  • The video about it becomes an internet hit.

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In a daring action, a man in the US state Florida caught an alligator with a garbage can. “The only thing that crossed my mind was to protect my children and the other children outside,” Eugene Bozzi told the newspaper on Wednesday (local time) “USA Today”. A one-minute clip of the incident in Mount Dora, around 35 kilometers northwest of Orlando, has been clicked on Twitter around ten million times since Tuesday.

It shows how the 26-year-old father first approaches the slowly retreating alligator with an opened garbage can held horizontally on the floor. Eventually Bozzi drops the lid, which hits the alligator’s head and makes it run into the garbage can. Cheered on by onlookers, Bozzi lifts the container and closes it. A longer version of the video shows the man rolling the barrel with the wriggling animal to a body of water on the opposite side of the street and then releasing it again.

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Eugene Bozzi takes on the mighty alligators

When his children told him about the animal, he initially thought it was a baby alligator, said Bozzi. However, after the army veteran saw how big the animal was, he decided to do something. “I used the front (of the barrel) like the mouth of a hippopotamus,” explained the 26-year-old. At that moment, the animal seemed more frightened and withdrew. “That’s why I knew I had an advantage.”

According to the Florida Conservation Agency, around 1.3 million alligators live in the southern state. Serious injuries in collisions with people are therefore rather rare. (hau / dpa)

This alligator is a real omnivore. A drone owner in the Everglade swamps of Florida also discovered this. © ProSiebenSat.1


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