Famous media person Bloomberg wrote an article to reveal Apple’s new product launch arrangements-Hong Kong unwire.hk

In a recent column, Bloomberg Technology reporter Mark Gurman revealed that Apple will release AirPods 3 and a newly designed MacBook Pro laptop before the end of this year. As for the iPhone 13, which was just released, Gurman insisted that Apple is developing a satellite communication function that allows users to make emergency calls and SMS sending and receiving in an environment without a mobile network. However, the function is not yet ready, so it has not been published.

Gurman mentioned in the column that Apple plans to release updates for a series of products next year, including AirPods Pro, iPad Pro, Mac Pro and MacBook Air. In addition to the new design of Apple Watch, there will be a new watch product released. Gurman said that the AirPods Pro’s body design will be greatly changed. There is no earphone handle and built-in motion sensor, so that the wireless earphone has a motion monitoring function.

Gurman pointed out that the Mac Pro and MacBook Air that were launched this year will have a new body design and switch to an Apple Silicon processor. Another item mentioned in the column is the new iPad Pro. Gurman said that Apple is testing the glass back and provides wireless charging and reverse power supply. In the future, the iPad Pro is expected to wirelessly charge the iPhone or AirPods protective box.


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