Fans lash out at Studio MAPPA and Attack on Titan director for new episode

On January 10, episode 64 of the anime of Attack on Titan, entitled “Declaration of War.” Being one of the most anticipated chapters for the show’s last season, many people had high expectations for the work of MAP study, and its director, Teruyuki Omine. Although many were happy with the final product, some were not happy, and showed their disagreement on Twitter.

Hours after the episode aired, the official accounts of Studio MAPPA and the episode director were bombarded with tweets that complained about the animation and the lack of the soundtrack that many expected. This was what the public came to comment.

“It seems that some toxic people attacked director Teruyuki Omine because he didn’t put the ‘correct soundtrack’ on episode 64 and that’s why he was depressed.

You are an embarrassment to the AOT fandom, you don’t deserve the MAPPA studio and its staff ”.

I’ve seen too many people complain about the poor and mediocre choice of music. But also, why the poor visual composition? A wall of smoke and poor CGI for only two seconds of animation at the end. The manga even had a perfect reference to work with ”.


“Speaking of Attack on Titan: Yes, the Mappa animation feels like something Queen Bee does: do a powerpoint presentation of the Manga drawings. I didn’t want to get on board, so I took my time on this, but I find myself wanting a similar quality to the first season. “

“It’s just my opinion but I’m disappointed. SNK should pay more attention to details, animation, ambient sounds, and music in the final scene… they weren’t the best. They didn’t use the best music they had. I think Jujutsu Kaisen is most precious to MAPPA “


“I don’t want to be the type to talk bad, but what I didn’t like was the choice of music for when Eren transformed, like 2Volt ????? I mean they were doing amazing with Attack on Titan, but I liked it. “

In response, Omine apologized with a tweet, and made his profile private. Fortunately, the rest of the fans, who did like the episode, decided to share messages of support and thanks to the studio responsible for the anime, as well as its director.

“I am not very good with English. I’m sorry. I’m fine now, I have felt his appreciation for me. Thanks a lot! I’m fine!”

These were the positive responses:

What do you think? Did you like the new episode of Attack on Titan?


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