Fantastic numbers and amounts… Learn about the wealth of Ahmed Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry

The fortune of the Egyptian businessmanAhmed Abu HashimaThe interest of the public, especially after looking at the private account of his wife, the Egyptian actress ​Yasmine SabryOn the social networking site, which highlights the complete luxury in which they live.
Ahmed is known as one of the richest people in the Middle East, and his wealth is estimated at billions of dollars. His companies achieve annual profits of up to 15 million dollars, and his private iron factories produce about 2.8 million tons annually, which is a huge number in the world of industry. As for his cars, Ahmed owns: a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, whose price exceeds 400,000 dollars, a Range Rover Sport, whose price exceeds 3,000,000 Egyptian pounds, an Aston Martin Rapide, which is one of the rare cars whose price has reached more than 200,000 thousand. One US dollar, equivalent to 3,160,000 million Egyptian pounds.
So, Abu Hashima’s wealth is still somewhat ambiguous and there is not enough information about the number of his homes, but it is certainly estimated at millions of dollars.
As for Yasmine Sabry’s fortune, it is estimated at 7 million dollars, apart from jewelry, which is estimated at 3 million dollars. It is reported that Ahmed had gifted his wife a diamond ring with a price of approximately 200 thousand dollars.


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