Fanthful officially authorized the “Ghost of Tsushima” to extend the release date of the peripheral products of the “War Ghosts of Tsushima” theme series-Bahamut

GAME SOURCE ENTERTAINMENT (Asian Game Entertainment Company, hereinafter referred to as GSE) announced that it was originally scheduled to be launched today (June 30) and designed by Fanthful.War ghost on horse》The delivery of the theme peripheral products was delayed due to the epidemic, and it was decided to postpone the sale of the entire series to July 2.

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War ghost on horse》Surrounding boutique lineup


  • Suggested retail price: HK$598/NT$2,450
  • Material: polyester and PU

The main color comes from the color matching of the family armor worn by “Jinjingjin” in the game, and the dense pattern of the war ghost armor is selected at the bottom of the net. The golden family crest stands in it, and the obvious color collision is like between a samurai and a war ghost. Conflicts. The two sides of the backpack are also treated to imitate the shoulder armor of the war ghost. The black traces that fit the back make the family crest hidden in it. The inner lining is tiled with various family crest patterns in the game. The optimized design of the backpack makes it more plump and fit. Contains a drawstring at the mouth, which is convenient for daily use.


  • Suggested retail price: HKD 158 yuan / New Taiwan Dollar 590 yuan
  • Material: Cotton

The black hat is combined with the red and white embroidered “Jingjing” family crest, with “War ghost on horse》Game logo, with “TSUSHIMA” stamp style added on the back of the hat. If the haiku is completed, it means stamping. This time, the dense pattern of the war ghost costume was added to the lower brim of the hat to increase the details.

iPhone mobile phone protective case (7 / 8 / SE2 / 7 Plus / 8 Plus / X / XS / XS Max / XR / 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / 12/12 Mini / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max)

  • Suggested retail price: HKD 98 yuan / NT$450 yuan
  • Material: TPU

The contrast of black and gold on the back of the phone case makes the Samurai family crests of the “Tsima Island” more prominent. The family crest pattern of the “Jingjing Family” in the center stands proudly among them, showing its leadership.

Haori (L/XL)

  • Suggested retail price: HK$588 / NT$2,290
  • Material: Polyester

With the color of war ghosts and the bottom of the net, the light is so full of the power of the bright cold. The red and white family crest pattern on the back is extremely prominent. At the same time, the hem and back positions are embellished with game titles and seal effects, and the chest position is embellished with red leaves details. The loose size provided is comfortable to wear and easy to put away!

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  • Suggested retail price: HK$128 / NT$499
  • Material: ceramic, cup height 100mm, diameter 80mm

Different from the T-Shirt’s dark color treatment, the flowing water posture on the mug is more like a samurai on the off-white background. The bottom of the cup also has “War ghost on horse》Game logo.


  • Suggested retail price: HK$128 / NT$590
  • Material: zinc alloy, outer box (10x10x5 cm), pendant (3×3 cm), necklace (92cm)

The necklace made with the family crest pattern of “Jingjingjia” also has a “Benevolence” nameplate pendant. The red and white color of the samurai emblem is displayed on the chest.

There are two themed T-shirts, a white T-shirt with the theme of “Flowing Water” and a black T-shirt with the theme of “War Ghost”.

Pure cotton T-Shirt (black) (S / M / L / XL / 2-XL)

  • Suggested retail price: HK$198 / NT$790
  • Material: 100% cotton
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The front print is “War ghost on horseIn “Benevolence”, the war ghosts are hidden in the dark, unmoving like a mountain, and as solid as a rock. The slashing posture is like splitting a mountain and breaking a rock, hitting the enemy hard.

“The Way of Benevolence” is printed on the back of the neck, and the cuffs have a small “Jingjing Family” family crest logo.

Pure cotton T-Shirt (white) (S / M / L / XL / 2-XL)

  • Suggested retail price: HK$198 / NT$790
  • Material: 100% cotton
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Like the force of the tide, like a majestic falling down, it shows the posture of flowing water. The front print with the silhouette of a black samurai is lined with dark gold, and “Rapid Slash” is ready to come out.

“The Way of Benevolence” is printed on the back of the neck, and the cuffs have a small “Jingjing Family” family crest logo.

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Folding umbrella

  • Suggested retail price: HK$198 / NT$799
  • Material: Silk

The samurai under the tree by the lake were in a duel, and the leaves slowly fell, and the light of the sword was also the gust of wind, which instantly dyed the fallen leaves. For this reason, the family crest logo of “Jingjingjia” and the “TSUSHIMA” pattern were added. Of course, the dense pattern of the war ghost suit was used as the base map to give birth to this umbrella.

For the inconvenience caused by this postponement, GSE apologizes again and hopes that everyone can continue to support GSE and provide you with more exciting products in the days to come.

Product Information

  • product name:”War ghost on horse》Themed peripheral products

  • Manufacturer: FANTHFUL

  • Asia General Agent: Game Source Entertainment

  • Taiwan agent: MicroCraft Co., Ltd. / MicroCraft Co., Ltd.

  • Southeast Asia Agent: Game Source Entertainment Pte Ltd.

  • Release Date: July 2, 2021

  • Suggested Price:

    • Backpack-HK$598 / NT$2,450

    • Hat-HKD 158 / NT 590

    • iPhone case-HK$98/NT$450

    • Haori-HK$588 / NT$2,290

    • Mug-HK$128 / NT$499

    • Necklace-HK$128 / NT$590

    • Pure Cotton T-Shirt (Black)-HK$198/NT$790

    • Pure Cotton T-Shirt (White)-HK$198/NT$790

    • Folding Umbrella-HK$198 / NT$799

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