Far Cry 6: So you complete the checkout in Vaas madness

Aside from the tough fight for survival in “Vaas: Wahnsinn”, two sections of puzzles await you in the first “Far Cry 6” DLC. We help you to solve the mind game “The Chechout”.

With the “Vase: Madness” -DLC throw yourselves „Far Cry 6“ for the first time in series history in a Rougelike adventure. However, you not only have to fight for your survival, but also solve small puzzles in two mind game sections. In the following we will tell you how to complete the quest “The checkout” successfully mastered.

Far Cry 6: Please check-in at Hotel Vaas

You can find this mission in the east of the island and is quite remote. You won’t find any task nearby to do. There is one there for that Fast travel pointthat you can unlock. Once you have reached the point, you will see Vaas lying tied up on the floor while Jason tells him a very familiar sounding speech and then throws him down into a hole. Jump down there.

Once you have reached the bottom, swim along the slightly lit corridor. At the end of this you will meet Vaas, who will be his from “Far Cry 3” known speech talks about the nature of madness. In the background you can see a large building that is a hotel. If you run towards it, it will withdraw and further Vaas visions appear. Listen to their monologues and you can enter the hotel shortly afterwards. Now you have to look around there carefully.

Inside the building, you probably will dezente „The Shining“-Vibes feel, because the atmosphere there is relatively unsettling. Follow the hallway until you can open a door and discover a table on which a key lies. Don’t leave the hotel just yet, take a look around.

You will notice that some rooms still locked stay. Others, on the other hand, you can enter and have to get into smaller tasks that are pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes you have to take a dagger, destroy pictures, collect syringes and some of them can look at memory fragments from Vaas. It depends, however, on in which order you enter the rooms and this is as follows:

  1. 1991
  2. 2003
  3. 2006
  4. 2007
  5. 2012
  6. 2012 (this additional room will only be activated at the very end)

There is no task waiting for you in the last room. You must just look at the vision and then leave the hotel through the door. If that is done, you have successfully completed the mind game “The Checkout”.

Should you need further help with “Vaas: Wahnsinn”, please take a look at our “Far Cry 6” guides. Otherwise, of course, we wish you continued having fun with the open-world shooter.

How did you like the insight into Vaas’ past in “The Checkout”?

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