Fares Yaghi confirms that his participation in the series “The Bride of Beirut” is a great responsibility

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Syrian artist explained Faris Yaghi His participation in the series “The Bride of Beirut” was a great responsibility for him, because he stood in front of artists who have their names in the artistic community, and they have great experience in acting and performance. Also, the offer of work on an important and widely watched channel such as MBC increased His responsibility. Yaghi, added that the reproduction a series “Bride of Beirut” in the Arabic version to be in a different and distinct way from the Turkish work “Bride of Istanbul” is an important matter, and this is what made it give its own and different imprint from the personality in “The Bride of Istanbul”.

Regarding the criticisms of the work being a reproduction of the Turkish series, Yaghi pointed out that the team had previously stated that the text of the work was identical to the Turkish version, but in an Arabic language, and as artists they put a spirit and a special imprint for each of them to his personality, pointing out that the criticism carried a kind It is underestimating their effort, but the positive reactions to the work cannot be compared to that small percentage of the critics.

Regarding the end of the events of his character by leaving his girlfriend to him and the public’s grief over that end, Yaghi explained that when he discussed the work’s director, they arrived at that end would be a lesson, explaining that no matter how good a person is, we should not continue our relationship with him if it was not our right choice, stressing that Leaving him at the beginning of the relationship is lighter and easier for him than leaving him after a long time.
Yaghi also denied the news of his stability in Turkey after the end of the series “Bride of Beirut”, indicating that he will return to Lebanon soon after the quarantine imposed by the state because he has some private business there. He will also return after that to Syria because it is his country and his first and last stable.

Regarding his upcoming preparations, Yagi promised his fans an important work in Istanbul, but the work needed a long time to be completed, wishing that it would appeal to the audience as he would be present in a strange experience, refusing to mention details about his presence in a Turkish drama because he mastered the Turkish language. A disagreement or a rupture between him and the Lebanese artist Jad Bou Ali, pointing out that it is possible for differences in viewpoints to exist, after one of the sites mentioned that “not everything you see in the series The Bride of Beirut is real,” indicating that Bou Ali is a confident artist, and this is clear Through his interests and his ability to be creative in various fields such as musical composition, dramatic writing, directing, etc., stressing that he is positively jealous of him and is an incentive for him because he has a distinct thinking.

Speaking about the Syrian artist Adnan Abu al-Shamat’s criticism of the series “The Bride of Beirut” when he wrote on his personal Facebook page that the series “Bride of Beirut” is a “school of exaggeration in representation,” Yaghi thanked him for what he wrote as this was a true statement from him, pointing out that all A person who saw the work from his point of view, and he must learn from the artist Abu al-Shamat because he has sold in the artistic community and there is certainly a clear reason for his criticism of the work, adding that everyone must learn from criticism and not attack the critic or stand in the face of it, but must invest those criticisms To achieve development and distinction.

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