Farewell to Hawaii? The Reimanns on their return to Germany

It was often discussed whether the Reimanns Could leave Hawaii again …

Her fans have long been wondering whether the Reimanns Eventually leaving Hawaii after they left Texas. At least a return to Germany does not seem to be an option for the two of them at the moment: “Somehow I can’t even imagine moving back to Germany. I’m happy to visit, but whether I want to live there …”, says Konny in one of the rhyming YouTube videos that he and his wife shot especially on the subject.

Hawaii farewell? The Reimanns speak plain language

One of her fans recently asked the question of all questions on Instagram: “Are you really leaving Hawaii again? If so, where are you going now? “


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Here the answer was even clearer! The emigrant couple replied in a nutshell: “No … We’ll stay here in Hawaii for the time being.” On YouTube, however, Konny also admitted that, as die-hard Hamburgers, of course, you can’t say “whether we’re going to get homesick someday” .

At the same time, however, he also emphasized that he missed the light-heartedness in Hawaii every time after a week in Germany. “At the moment we are happy here”, is the conclusion of the couple, who recently returned from a road trip that they undertook for their new “Reimann” episodes.

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