Farewell to Krampol († 59): SHOCKING PROPHECY AT THE FUNERAL! To the surprised widower

The actor wanted to remember his beloved wife, not mourn, so there was no coffin or urn with ashes. The ceremony was dominated by a photo of a laughing Hanička by Miloš. The mourners covered her with flowers. The speech of the Argentine shaman, writer and journalist Juan Braun (70) was full of optimism. “I learned from Native American tribes that man has two souls. One stayed with you, George, “he assured the sad Jiří Krampol. Braun is a big supporter of reincarnation. “Hanička will be back in nine years,” the writer assured the actor. “You must hold on when you are ninety-one, he will be here again,” Juan promised Krampol in his prophecy. Of course, Jirka promised it, but after saying goodbye, he admitted that it was difficult.

“I don’t show it, but I’m very sad. I really liked Hanička and I still didn’t come to terms with the fact that she died. I can’t quite imagine what will happen now, “admitted Krampol Aha! overwhelmed. Dozens of close people came to condolence him.

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Family in the first place

Hanka’s sister Majka, who is a professor at an art-industrial high school, has just returned from a holiday in Croatia. Her sister’s death took her breath away. Hanka’s only son Petr (40) also came with his wife Eliška and children.

She loved it Saturday

The actor Luděk Sobota (77), who and Jiří had just finished the film Old Age is Not for Srabs, could not miss either. “Hanička told me that she loved me, but it was useless because she was already with Krampol. Slavek eats it Šimek he consecrated, he wanted them to marry Jirka, “recalled Sobota, who also came with his wife Adriena (58).

Dad she came late

Family friend Dáda Patrasová (64) arrived late because she was at the dentist and could not postpone the procedure.


He didn’t want to say goodbye to her at a classic funeral and turn it into, as he put it, a morbid show. “It will be decent, dignified. I just wish it was that way. So that it’s not morbid, so that there are no coffins and urns, I personally hate it. It bothers me a lot, “he thought aloud. Jiří also wished that the guests would not say goodbye to his beloved wife Hanička in the funeral black. But not everyone followed the colorful dress code. At the place where the last farewell took place, clothes were scattered in various ways. The actor’s premises were provided by a family friend Sarka Grossova (50) – widow of former Prime Minister Stanislav Gross († 45) – in her restaurant Černý kohout in Prague’s Smíchov.

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