Farmer Seeking Woman: goodness and another bomb – Friesland

After Jan’s statement about his greedy intake of tobacco and liquor after the divorce (1) and the dropping of a bomb when it came to sniffing hobby and swallowing pills (2), this tendency to candor was a moment for Nienke, Vera and Froukje in order to process.

Froukje (“I am a real child person”): “Good choice after four children.” Nienke: “I still have to think about that, but it is not immediately that I think: ‘I am going to House’.”

It was the second day of the sleepover in Farmer seeks wife. If you are not dozing off watching the program, you should notice that there are farmers who often do little. Geert? Under a blanket on the couch. Geert Jan? Shuffling, in old sweatpants. Bastiaan? Driving back and forth on the tractor – with a different girl next to her.

Farmer Annemiek in Tynaarlo has more movement in the milking pit, although this is also because Erik de Gretige follows her like a shadow during her jobs. Erik fluttered the pacifiers. “This is familiar territory,” he told presenter Yvon. “I notice we can match in that.” “Beware, she warned him. “So that makes her a good colleague.”

Who will blow a farmer’s socks off?

But where does the desire go on the farm? The frisky decoration attempts? Who will blow a farmer’s socks off?

Jelte de Jong from Jutrijp is not sure of his case (but was allowed to stay!). To Yvon: ,, There is some doubt. Which way it goes. I really like her but no more than that at the moment. That spark is not there now that must be there. That may still come, but then something has to be done. “” There seems to be mutual obedience, Yvon also thought.

Shortly before the moment of choice, Steven revealed to Annemiek that he had been treated for cancer. That resulted in a candid conversation, but nothing more than that. “We’re not going to be a perfect couple,” the farmer’s wife concluded later. Steven was allowed to pack his briefcase.

The best advice to Jelte

After his departure, Erik and Annemiek shuffled behind the phone to follow a horse competition online. To that dear Jelte, who willingly watched, you would secretly say: Run, you fool! Go back to Friesland in straight trot.

Arable farmer Bastiaan is more of the delegator. He had the ladies, dressed in pink overalls, clean up his workbench during his shuttle rides on the tractor. The farmer sent diving instructor Madeleen home. She didn’t mind that because Bastiaan stayed on the surface quite a bit.

In Brabant Geert Esther (she liked him so much herself) left home. “Although I thought it was fun with you.”

Staying over Vera (Geert calls her a tipsy projectile) and Angela, with whom he can smoke a cigarette on the terrace. The farmer, conspiratorially: “We will occasionally grab and cuddle and stuff …” ”


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