Farmers about protest actions: ‘The puzzle no longer fits in the Netherlands’

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Many farmers in the Netherlands support recent farmer protests, it appears a tour of the NOS and the magazine Nieuwe Oogst. Nearly 3,250 farmers, arable farmers and market gardeners completed a survey about the demonstrations.

The past few days included campaigns at distribution centers and provincial houses. Farmers demonstrated there against the introduction of one temporary animal feed measure and for fair prices for their products.

We asked some farmers who completed the questionnaire why they support the actions or not.

Jan Voncken (64), arable farmer in Limburg

“I support the actions, although I do not entirely agree with how they go. I would prefer that the farmers do not demonstrate. But the confidence is gone – then you get such excesses. The problem is that you end up in a stalemate “There are only a few people who sit at the table with the government. We cannot talk enough, but it is about us. And then the division among the farmers also increases.”

“Everything in agriculture is known from A to Z: you can calculate the nitrogen emissions from almost every farm. That makes it one of the few sectors that you can tackle in concrete terms on emissions. But how many rules are still to come? Will they go tomorrow? determine when I as an arable farmer should spray my potatoes or beets? We shouldn’t go on that tour. The government must rely on the craftsmanship of the farmer. “

Evalien Smink (52), dairy farmer in Utrecht

“I have been to almost all demonstrations. I do that because I think it is important that our voice is heard. Time and time again there is no listening in The Hague. Plans seem to be fixed and are being pushed through. The Landbouw Collectief has submitted various plans but they have been wiped off the table. “

“What has been going on in recent days, the regulations about feeding animals, touches my heart. I am furious about it and many colleagues with me. The nitrogen problem is mainly a paper problem that apparently has to be solved by feeding cows. “

“In general, farmers’ salaries have not increased in thirty years, while the burdens have increased. Where previously you could pay the repayment and interest with the bank with fifty cows, you now need a hundred cows. as a farmer with your back to the wall. I think it is very important that the public understands that. “

“The actions we take with the group of farmers in the neighborhood usually run smoothly. We have agreed rules with each other – for example, we are not going to call people rotten fish. We want to stay positive and take creative action. Ultimately, the strength is in the repetition. Moreover, we have to move forward together. There is always acidity, we have taken that as farmers, and now it is the turn of The Hague. “


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