Farmers call to wake up festive … and French

Oysters, capons, foie gras, champagne, wines… So many sectors that are worried about possible confined or semi-confined end-of-year celebrations, and the continued closure of restaurants for Christmas Eve. To remedy this, the agricultural unions called on Wednesday to maintain the festive spirit of Christmas. And above all to consume French to support sectors that achieve up to 75% of their sales in the months of November and December.

Even more for some. “100% of the sales of capons or farm turkeys are made during the holidays”, recalled Christiane Lambert, president of the main agricultural union FNSEA. “To save Christmas, we must have in mind to put these poultry on the table, as well as oysters, guinea fowl, foie gras, smoked salmon, the right bottles,” she stressed. “The French must keep a place in their budget for these good French products ».

«Food patriotism»

The second confinement is less burdensome for the agricultural sectors, which had suffered in the spring from both the closure of markets and restaurants. This time the markets remain open. Nevertheless, the re-containment comes at an important time of the year for many festive products. Especially since the new closure of out of home this fall bar them between 20 and 65% of their outlets. A reason to call the French to “food patriotism“, In the words of Samuel Vandaele, president of the Young Farmers’ Union (JA).

Although the greatest uncertainty still hangs over the sanitary conditions in force for family gatherings, the outlook is less bleak in other non-food sectors such as toys. Indeed, Christmas Eve shopping is often done at the last minute, even if the FNSEA calls for ordering “ already his capon “. The last major economic or health crises have also often shown that, even when forced, the French want to mark the occasion for the end of year celebrations.


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