Farmers demonstrate to keep pressure on supermarkets

The 2020-21 edition of trade negotiations between farmers, food industries and distributors ends on Monday.

Farmers demonstrated in front of supermarkets on the night from Friday to Saturday, in the home stretch of trade negotiations with distributors, according to the local press.

Slurry and tires were dumped in front of several supermarkets around Pau early Saturday morning, reports France Blue Pyrenees-Atlantique. Friday, south of Limoges, the Confédération paysanne, the FDSEA and the Young Farmers demonstrated in front of a Carrefour, according to France Bleu. In Seine-Maritime, last week, members of the Young Farmers and the FDSEA deployed banners in front of several hypermarkets and supermarkets.

These actions, which are not the result of a national slogan but of local initiatives, have punctuated the life of supermarkets for several weeks. The 2020-21 edition of trade negotiations between farmers, food industries and distributors ends on Monday in a very tense climate. “The indicators are bright red in many sectors!“, Warned the majority agricultural union FNSEA on Thursday, which called for a demonstration on Wednesday in Clermont-Ferrand.

Farmers accuse supermarkets of dragging prices down

Farmers accuse supermarkets of driving prices down. The latter denounce the price increases demanded by agro-industrialists (dairies, biscuits, cured meats, producers of canned food or prepared meals, etc.). Which, judged not very transparent on their margins, criticize in turn the distributors.

«If large-scale distribution, if manufacturers do not change, it is the farmers who will disappear“, Launched Saturday on Europe 1 the Minister of Agriculture, Julien Denormandie. “We are thinking about improving this law so that we stop this degradation of value“, Underlined the minister, who meets producers Saturday in Paris and must go to Seine-Maritime Monday. “The hand of Parliament will not shake and the law will be very clear on the subject“, Promised the minister without further details.


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