Farming Simulator 22 Oxbo Pack available now

2023-09-19 12:17:51

With the Farming Simulator 22 Oxbo Pack There are now brand new specialized harvesting and spreading technologies: Publisher and developer GIANTS Software is adding a series of multifunctional machines from the renowned international manufacturer Oxbo – all new, visually impressive and efficient. The Oxbo Pack is available now for PC and consoles and is also included in the Premium Edition, which will be available in retail from November 14th.

Launch trailer presents multifunctional harvesters & more

With the Oxbo 6030 multifunctional grape harvester, virtual farmers operate a configurable machine that can also be transformed into a high-performance sprayer. Both the harvester and sprayer configurations make for an impressive display of agricultural machinery – as the launch trailer shows.

More maneuverable machines for better manure distribution

The three-wheeled and maneuverable Oxbo AT4103 and the five-wheeled AT5105 for spreading manure and slurry. Both offer extremely maneuverable steering, strong front wheels and steerable rear axles. Grassland work benefits from the Oxbo 2340 triple belt rake with a twelve meter working width for greater productivity when harvesting forage – based on Oxbo’s innovative triple merger concept.

The machines in Farming Simulator 22 Oxbo Pack

Oxbo 6030 – Harvest configurationOxbo 6030 – Fertilizer configurationOxbo AT5105 – LNMS configurationOxbo AT5105 – DNMS configurationOxbo AT4103 – LNMS configurationOxbo AT4103 – DNMS configurationOxbo 2340
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