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The character of Marcela Valencia, from the telenovela I am Betty, la fea, catapulted the career of Colombian actress Natalia Ramírez, who moved to Puerto Rico six months ago.

The artist is married to Puerto Rican Ricky Díaz, whose mother (Avelina Medraño, Miss Puerto Rico 1949) sadly passed away in May. For this reason they moved to the Island to take care of their father-in-law, Manolo Díaz, 94.

“We were in quarantine, we had been living in Colombia for five years, taking care of my parents. My mother-in-law passes away and we have to take a humanitarian flight to come to Puerto Rico. We came in our work as a putative daughter and Ricky as his son, to take care of our parents ”, explained Ramírez in an interview with THE SPOKESMAN.

Given the popularity of the novel, it does not go unnoticed on the island.

“It is a lovely place, I like it very much, it is very quiet and the weather is perfect. Although when we arrived in May a lot of weather things happened, but I love it. People are super loving. It is as if it were my country, I have been coming for many years and well, I already feel it as my own, ”said the person who settled in Dorado.

The novel, written by Fernando Gaitán (1960-2019), is starred by Ana María Orozco (Beatriz Pinzón) and Jorge Enrique Abello (Armando Mendoza). On Monday Telemundo began broadcasting it at 8:00 pm and despite having made its debut on the small screen in 1999, it maintains its validity and taste among the public.

“I am very honored to have been chosen in that cast; and having been able to say the words that Fernando Gaitán wrote. It is good that this story is still current, although it is sad that we continue with the same nonsense of criticizing, judging and making fun of people. But at the audience level and the affection of the people, it has been very good “, he mentioned about the plot.

About Marcela he added “it was the character that allowed me to internationalize and start working in other countries. I had been performing in Colombia for many years and Betty allowed me to make myself known abroad. I owe it to its author Fernando Gaitán and its director Mario Rivero ”.

Between 2017 and 2018, Natalia produced Betty la fea, theater. They carried out two seasons with a tour of more than 120 functions through Colombia and Central America.

“We made a lot of people happy and a lot of people made us happy. But we stopped due to problems with the actors’ schedules and it was impossible to resume it, ”he recalled.

On the other hand, he expressed himself about the different versions of I am Betty, la fea, in which they have been carried away by their interpretation of Marcela.

“This story works with any actor and actress, and in any country and culture. It is super proven, there are 28 adaptations in different languages. It has been an incredible example of what a universal story means. I have had the opportunity to see small fragments of some of the versions. It is such a wonderful story that any actress who plays Marcela Valencia, I’m sure she does it divinely, “he said.

When Gaitán died, his heirs asked Natalia to produce his first theatrical work, entitled El diván rojo. He did so and acted in the piece with Lorna Cepeda and Julio César Herrera, who played the dark-haired Patricia Fernández and the messenger Freddy Contreras, in Betty, respectively.

They premiered on March 13 and two days later, Colombia went into quarantine due to Covid-19. They recorded it last week and will present it virtually starting November 28. Well, he created a virtual platform at the business level with his partner Leonardo Guevara, to transmit the works of Colombian producers.

Thus, it is encouraged to produce theater in Puerto Rico, when the issue of health is normalized.

“We can get out of this problem immediately, of course we will bring The Red Divan. Betty the ugly theater I can’t bring it anymore. We had the project of bringing it to Puerto Rico, but it is a very large infrastructure, it weighs two and a half tons, 19 artists on stage, it is a large format. It was complicated not only because of cost, but also because of viability ”, he acknowledged.

As for projects on the agenda, it will continue to work on its platform for theater productions and on the Nu Skin brand.


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