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Fashion Report | The Most Notable Sustainable Fashion Items in Autumn and Winter 2022 (Part 1) | Autumn and Winter | Sustainable Fashion | Fashion Report_Sina Fashion_Sina

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Reprinted from: WWD International Fashion News

Original title: Fashion Report | The most noteworthy sustainable fashion items for autumn and winter 2022 (Part 1)

As consumers pay more and more attention to and agree with sustainable fashion lifestyles, designers who act as the “front face” of the fashion industry have more room for creativity. Digital technology, innovative fabrics, optimized tailoring and manufacturing methods, and more inclusive design expressions, while communicating with consumers through creativity, also allow people to see the infinite possibilities of sustainable fashion. The autumn breeze is cool, and the WWD collection presents the latest creative thinking and sustainable fashion works from GDF alliance designers, hoping to bring more inspiration and sustainable lifestyle to everyone.

In the Designverse 2022 autumn/winter collection co-created with 8 other designers, ZI II CI IEN founder Zhi Chen created a virtual fashion with infinite creative fun with the theme of “fairy tale twins”. The exaggerated butterfly-shaped puff sleeves occupy the visual focus, and the gradient blue-purple creates a high-quality texture. This virtual clothing series incorporates multiple colors, full of dreamy and cute atmosphere, and conveys bright, trendy, romantic and casual fashion styles with the ultimate visual novelty elements.

ZI II CI IEN Digital FashionZI II CI IEN Digital Fashion


Zhi Chen once said about the issue of digital technology and the metaverse: “People wear clothing from independent designer brands, and they want to express the concept of ‘who do I represent and which group do I belong’, so I think the metaverse is more suitable for us. Development. Because in the metaverse, there is no actual manufacturing and waste, all designs represent spiritual needs.”

  ZI II CI IEN Digital Fashion ZI II CI IEN Digital Fashion


Angel Chen 2022 Autumn/Winter collection is based on traditional Inner Mongolian costumes, from ‘peace and love’ depicted in ethnic calligraphy exclusive to Mongolia, to the crown of kung fu symbolizing the social status of women, the creatures, customs, culture and colors of this land All have become an important source of inspiration for this series. The Angel Chen team also introduced traditional crafts such as ‘10,000-needle embroidery’ and ‘grass and wood dyeing’ into it, and joined hands with Chinese painting craftsmen to create a majestic painting with the spiritual image of ‘horse race’ Paintings are presented on top of clothing. This collection consists of two costumes, ‘Prestige Ceremony’ and ‘Epic of Savanna’.

  Angel Chen Fall/Winter 2022 Collection Angel Chen Fall/Winter 2022 Collection


In terms of materials, Angel Chen uses silk jacquard yarn from Suzhou Huzhou, Song brocade and camphor satin, custom velvet denim fabric, hand-made wool felt from Inner Mongolia, brushed cashmere, and rare camel wool originating in Alxa. The team also collaborated with American artist Skylar to present unconventional items such as custom-made colorful tapestries, recycled coffee bean sacks and other unconventional items in clothing, exploring the issue of ‘sustainable recycling’ from different artistic perspectives from the East and the West. In addition, Angel Chen’s team has also formed long-term cooperative relationships with local craftsmen and herdsmen in camel wool producing areas, connecting with the land and people from multiple dimensions of art and life.

Angel Chen Fall/Winter 2022 CollectionAngel Chen Fall/Winter 2022 Collection


Chenpeng 2022 autumn and winter series “Light of Life” set out in the name of light to find the energy to heal the world. The name of the series means: If darkness takes over the world, then we create light. Although the light is faint, it is concentrated into a torch, and it is endless. The series of colors choose white, red, yellow, green and blue as the main colors from the refraction of light, expressing stability and unity, enthusiasm and love, tolerance of the self, free growth, and flow and balance. Visually, the element energy vortex is expressed through color fusion and arc-shaped structure, combined with white goose down and filling of environmentally friendly materials to create a warm and healing ‘light of life’.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and processes continue to be used in this series, such as artificial fur, plastic recycled TPU yarn, environmentally friendly washed denim, degradable cotton, etc., continuing Chenpeng’s “fashionable egalitarianism” philosophy.

Chenpeng Fall/Winter 2022 Lover's Heart Down JacketChenpeng Fall/Winter 2022 Lover’s Heart Down Jacket


The lover’s heart down jacket in this series continues the Beijing Winter Olympics concept of “together to the future”. The love gathered by the “Little Peace Doves” at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is used as the source of inspiration. The three-dimensional love pattern passes through three layers of colors. Spread love all over the world. The down filled in the jacket, as a natural material, can be recycled and reprocessed to achieve a certain degree of recycling, reducing energy consumption.

  Chenpeng 2022 autumn winter series ski suit Chenpeng 2022 autumn winter series ski suit


Chenpeng 2022 autumn and winter series ski suits have selected environmentally friendly surface accessories that can be recycled, decomposed and recycled to a certain extent in the development. The design concept continues the concept of great health after the Winter Olympics. The new ski suit is divided into two parts, consisting of a jacket and bibs. The craftsmanship pays attention to the outdoor function of skiing. It is suitable for both single and double boards. There are five designs and colors to choose from in appearance, except for In addition to the graphics developed by the main visual color of Chenpeng 2022 autumn and winter, there are also original designs and colors based on “green mountains and green waters”, which continue Chinese elements.

“Give back to nature with natural art, and use clothing as a carrier to speak for sustainable fashion” is the long-term and unchanged vision of sustainable fashion brand Donsee10. The brand uses oriental philosophy as a carrier to convey the concept of sustainable fashion, continuously expands the adaptability of clothing, and uses an international design language to present the oriental philosophy of “the harmony of heaven and earth, all things are born”, and uses clothing as a carrier to voice sustainable fashion. Inspired by the “Twin Flame”, Donsee10’s 2022 autumn/winter collection spans the soul resonance of Shanghai, China and Italy, telling a story about the sustainability of emotional and spiritual dimensions stripped from the material world.

  Donsee10 cactus vegan leather tote Donsee10 cactus vegan leather tote


In this season, Donsee10 used the cactus plain leather to make the accessories series “Daily Installation”, including tote bags, envelope bags and girdle bags, etc.; let nature water people’s daily life, in order to be close to fashion, and endowed with greenery Life.

Donsee10 x Sandriver Collaboration CollectionDonsee10 x Sandriver Collaboration Collection


In addition, Donsee10 has partnered with artistic cashmere brand Sandriver to develop knitted pieces made from sustainable cashmere.

Beauty comes from imperfection, the age-old adage that sets the tone for Feng Chen Wang’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection. In this series, an aesthetic of imperfection touches designer Wang Fengchen. She embraced the regretful idea of ​​never being able to finish, not living up to her expectations, and built a whole series and story around it. In Feng Chen Wang’s signature style, the new series of blockbusters combines inspiration from ancient Chinese painting scrolls and Renaissance polyptychs to map an unfinished thread, creating a new visual identity with a heuristic and exploratory approach.

Feng Chen Wang 2022 Fall Winter CollectionFeng Chen Wang 2022 Fall Winter Collection


In this season’s narrative, Feng Chen Wang once again paid tribute to the hand-dyeing process, continuing the tone of sustainability. Some items in the series also tried to use vegetable dyes, exploring practical designs that can be worn in multiple ways. , such as a jacket that can be partially disassembled into various forms, all of which encourage people to think about sustainability.

Feng Chen Wang 2022 Fall Winter CollectionFeng Chen Wang 2022 Fall Winter Collection


As one of the most important brands in the first generation of Chinese independent design, Haizhen Wang’s founder Wang Haizhen has been consistent in his persistence and love for fashion and design on the long road of developing an independent designer brand. At the beginning of the month, Haizhen Wang released the 2022 autumn and winter series of advertising campaign, under the name of ‘Rein-back’, which constructed an unparalleled fashion feast. In a free, diverse and eclectic expression of style, we go back in time and pay homage to equestrianism through dressage. Free and diverse, compatible with women’s perseverance and tenderness; envisioning the future, giving high-end clothing the meaning of the moment. In this series, there are also many single products with a sustainable concept.

Haizhen Wang Fall/Winter 2022 CampaignHaizhen Wang Fall/Winter 2022 Campaign


Haizhen Wang 2022 autumn and winter series three-dimensional smocked intimate trousers are inspired by the skirts of Victorian aristocratic women, or the slowly falling curtains at the curtain call of the theater. The drape fabric and the wrinkled structure of the bottom hem are both retro and romantic. Modern avant-garde. The fabric is cupro knitted jersey. The cupro silk is a green and environmentally friendly textile extracted from natural vegetation fibers using superb technology. It can be completely regenerated by extracting plant fibers, and has the characteristics of leading trends and environmental protection.

Haizhen Wang Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection Three-Dimensional Smocked Intimate TrousersHaizhen Wang Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection Three-Dimensional Smocked Intimate Trousers


In this denim jacket, the designer will add and subtract the fabric – hollowing out, tearing, burnt out, ‘tattered expression’ tearing to achieve the reconstruction of denim fabric, and at the same time creatively using the reverse side of jacquard denim fabric, the whole piece The clothes are made with the reverse side as the front side, breaking the tradition. The deconstruction style brings visual impact. The pockets that should be the reverse side are cleverly designed to be worn on both sides, which is fashionable and interesting.

Haizhen Wang 2022 Autumn/Winter Collection Jacquard Patchwork Double Sided Denim JacketHaizhen Wang 2022 Autumn/Winter Collection Jacquard Patchwork Double Sided Denim Jacket


Independent designer shoe brand Heelz was founded in 2019 by Frank Chen. For Frank, Heelz’s design and brand concept is not just about women’s softness, but more about conveying women’s inner beauty and perseverance. Therefore, simple and elegant design, comfort and practicality are the DNA of the brand.

Heelz Fall/Winter 2022 Double Design Martin BootsHeelz Fall/Winter 2022 Double Design Martin Boots


In order to practice sustainable fashion design, Frank will choose energy-saving and water-saving natural leather as much as possible, and often incorporate natural elements and traditional Chinese art into the design. This time, he set his sights on the versatile design of the shoe. From Heelz’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, these Martin boots are subtly embedded with lamb’s wool, and the zipper on the side of the boot can easily change the shape, switching between tough and soft. Such a multi-purpose design can effectively reduce the number of shoes purchased and leather consumption, while creating more different styles, which are versatile and environmentally friendly.

Heelz Fall/Winter 2022 Double Design Martin BootsHeelz Fall/Winter 2022 Double Design Martin Boots


The theme of Kingwen Qingwen’s 2022 capsule ready-to-wear and digital series is “The Butterfly Dream In The Red Chamber”, which is the main line of the incarnation of a butterfly crossing the Red Chamber, to build Chinese and Western aesthetics in a romantic context.

Kingwen Qingwen 2022 Capsule Ready-to-Wear CollectionKingwen Qingwen 2022 Capsule Ready-to-Wear Collection


The ready-to-wear silhouettes in this collection are inspired by the light, ethereal female figures in Beeson’s work. Layered drape skirts, undulating trims, delicate animal-like fur and soft, light gradient mesh are all used to replicate the textures and brushstrokes found in oil paintings, while giving the work extra life through dimensional tailoring, while layering Pearl chains and vintage brass beaded beads are interlaced to form a gorgeous scene of ancient aristocratic women in “A Dream of Red Mansions”.

Kingwen Qingwen 2022 Capsule Ready-to-Wear CollectionKingwen Qingwen 2022 Capsule Ready-to-Wear Collection


Designer Qingwen used natural fibers, renewable, and environmentally friendly textiles to create this collection. The decorations on the clothing can be removed for easy recycling and reuse. WWD

In order to help more designers and creative people who are interested in realizing sustainable fashion to achieve their ideals, we launched the “Global Sustainable Fashion Designers Alliance (GDF)” last spring to gather designers and creative people who are interested in realizing sustainable fashion. People, with the help of the most original power of “design”, jointly start a new journey of sustainable fashion reform, so that the forever young and forever fresh ideas will influence the next century of industrial development.

*We continue to look forward to and welcome more designers who are interested in sustainable fashion to join the GDF Alliance. For more alliance details, please send an email to [email protected]

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