Fat Joe mocked for his comparison between Drake and Michael Jackson

During an Instagram live with Rick Ross, Fat Joe dared a comparison that did not only make people happy. While questioning Rozay about relationships with Drake, he added that the Canadian singer was “just the Michael Jackson of his time”, a formula that did not fail to make the Web react …

While exchanging during a live Instagram as he has done a lot in recent months due to confinement, Fat Joe asked Rick Ross for his opinion on Drake with whom he has worked regularly for many years. At first, the Miami rapper explained that he had done everything to help the Canadian artist develop his career and that, now that he was a superstar, the 6 God knew how to remember it and had recognition. Fat Joe continued down this path and posed new questions to the Bawz, including this one that caught the public’s attention: “What is your relationship between Drake and you? Let me end … Drake is possibly the most difficult person to contact and let’s be clear, every track he does ends up number 1, he’s just the Michael Jackson of its time”. A daring comparison that Fat Joe has been referred to in the teeth by Internet users.

Fans of the King of Pop could not let this claim slip by any means and attacked the New York rapper on Twitter. They stood up body and soul for their idol’s position in music history and made fun of Joe and his haphazard comparison. But where he is probably not wrong is that Drake is now more number one on the Billboard Hot 100 than Michael Jackson. This is certainly what the rapper from Terro Squad meant but he was clumsy in his words and he suffered the consequences …


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