Fatal concrete slab accident – incorrect construction according to the authorities “on purpose”

After the fatal accident with a concrete slab from a noise barrier on the A3 Cologne Streets.NRW assumes a »deficiency caused on purpose«. During the assembly in 2007, the plate was not properly attached due to lack of space, announced the state company after initial investigations on Tuesday.

The concrete slab fell on the car of a 66-year-old Cologne woman last Friday, who died at the scene of the accident. The public prosecutor’s office has initiated proceedings for negligent homicide against unknown persons.

An expert commissioned by the public prosecutor discovered at least one other part at risk of falling. He documented according to information from the news agency dpa in his preliminary report a bent weld joint with an increased risk of cracking on an adjacent concrete slab. The expert recommended that the dangerous components should be removed as quickly as possible and saved as evidence.

In his preliminary report, the engineer found that some concrete slabs were installed correctly around the site of the accident and others – including the one that had crashed – not. According to the expert, the crashed concrete slab weighed about 6.2 tons. In addition to a broken screw, the assessor found a washer that was clearly too small.

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