Fatal overdoses: eight years in prison for a drug seller from Chaudière-Appalaches

A 47-year-old woman from Chaudière-Appalaches was sentenced to eight years in prison for selling a hard drug that killed two men.

The defense was rejected up and down during the sentence decision on Thursday at the Montmagny courthouse. Me Michel Barrette, who represents Julie Anctil, questioned the legal cause and effect link which imputes to his client the responsibility for the death of the two men.

For the judge, this responsibility is complete. “There is no break in causation,” he said, even though Julie Anctil had used a matchmaker in the sale of the narcotic. She was therefore convicted of drug trafficking and possession, acts for which the death of the two men in their twenties influenced the severity of the sentence in this story.

On September 13, 2019, Anthony Miville, Marc-Olivier Paquet and Jean-Philippe Caron bought 3.5 grams of MDA (methylene amphetamine dioxide) from Brandon Plourde, who himself had bought them from Julie Anctil. The trio believed they had acquired MDMA – ecstasy – but instead had in their possession seven times the lethal amount of a pure, highly dangerous substance.

Miville, Paquet and Caron then went to the Bière Fest in Rivière-du-Loup where they divided the drug into three equal parts before consuming it. Only Jean-Philippe Caron remained alive, since he will not consume his whole share. Anctil’s home will be searched on the following September 15 and a large quantity of various drugs will be seized.

For the judge, there is no doubt that the death of the two men is attributable to the consumption of the substance sold by Julie Anctil, in particular in the light of the testimony of the experts: toxicologist, medical specialist and forensic pathologist.

The accused “cannot be released from the unintended consequences of her actions”, declared the judge. The latter also retains that Anctil knew the dangerousness of the substance and that she sought to get rid of it. He emphasizes that Julie Anctil knows that “the drug sold to Plourde is intended for friends” of the latter, breaking the defense argument on the role of the go-between who is supposed to free her from guilt. Plourde is also in court for his involvement in this story.

As sentencing evolved in court on Thursday, it was increasingly clear that the court would deliver an exemplary sentence. In the box of the accused, Julie Anctil took her head with both hands. The judge mentioned that he gave no credibility to the testimony she gave during the previous judicial stages. He said he was “filled with contradictions, half-truths and about-faces”.

Thus, for the count of drug trafficking, the judge sentenced Anctil to four years, for possession of MDA for the purpose of trafficking at two years, for possession of methamphetamines for the purpose of trafficking at three years and for possession of GHB for the purpose of trafficking at 12 months. The sum of the penalties results in an imprisonment of eight years. Given the pre-trial detention, Julie Anctil still has to serve six years in prison.

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