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Fatal shot on a shoot: Alec Baldwin claims not to have squeezed the trigger

On October 21, Halyna Hutchins, director of photography for movie rest receives a bullet, in the middle of filming. She dies. The drama moves the world of cinema and the entire planet.

The police have since tried to identify the circumstances of the accident. At the time of firing, Alec Baldwin repeated, weapon in hand. The actor, also producer of Rust, engaged in his first formal interview since the drama. On the American channel ABC, he says he did not pull the trigger.

“The trigger was not squeezed … I did not squeeze the trigger”, repeats Alec Baldwin in the excerpt from the exchange made public this Wednesday and the entirety of which must be broadcast Thursday evening.

During this interview, Alec Baldwin adds that he has “no idea” of how real ammunition may have gotten on the film set, resulting in the accidental death of the director of photography Halyna Hutchins.

“Someone put a bullet”

“I would never point a gun at someone when I squeezed the trigger.” Never, ”he proclaims. In this interview excerpt, Alec Baldwin does not give more details to explain how the revolver was able to trigger and fire the fatal bullet. Just these few words: “Someone put a live bullet into a gun.” A bullet that wasn’t even supposed to be there. “

The police investigation continues and, if no arrests have been made, criminal prosecution is not excluded in the event that responsibilities are established, said the services of the prosecutor of Santa Fe (New Mexico).

A succession of negligence

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the gunsmith who was responsible for the guns on the set of “Rust,” told investigators she was negligent in checking the actor’s handgun just before the tragedy. She also says she has no explanation for the presence of live ammunition on the set.

Video. Fatal shot on an Alec Baldwin film: “In France, you can’t shoot real ammunition”

Tuesday, investigators reported possible leads that could explain the presence of this live ammunition, formally prohibited on set by the rules in force in the film industry in the United States.

One of the suppliers of the ammunition used on the set of “Rust”, Seth Kenney, indicated that he had potentially sold the film crew hand-assembled ammunition – possibly from recycled elements – including the logo matches the logo on the lethal cartridge.

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