“Fate / EXTRA” and “Fate / EXTRA CCC”, which depict the Holy Cup War of the Moon, have been revised to 800 yen. Price cuts for the “Fate / EXTELLA” series | AUTOMATON

Marvelous has revised the prices of the “Fate / EXTRA” series and the “Fate / EXTELLA” series on July 26th. The price revision was carried out to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the “Fate / EXTRA” series. After the revision, the download versions of “Fate / EXTRA” and “Fate / EXTRA CCC” were both 800 yen including tax, and the price was permanently reduced significantly.


“Fate / EXTRA” is a competitive dungeon RPG developed by Imageepoch and designed by Kinoko Nasu. Supported platforms are PSP. The stage of this work is the world where the quantum computer “Mooncell Automata” exists on the moon. Mooncell is equipped with a function to fulfill all wishes, and in the Reiko fictional world SE.RA.PH in Mooncell, a battle for the Holy Grail was fought by quantum hackers. The main character is a person with memory loss. The hero will participate in the Holy Cup War with the Servant and fight for survival. In this work, the Holy Cup War of the Moon is depicted in a world different from “Fate / stay nigt”. Equipped with a battle where the victory or defeat is divided according to the compatibility of the selected action, and an element to search for the true name of the enemy servant. Also, “Fate / EXTRA” was produced by Kazuya Shinno at Imageepoch at that time. Although Imageepoch went bankrupt, a remake version of “Fate / EXTRA Record” is currently being developed by TYPE-MOON studio BB led by Mr. Niiro.


“Fate / EXTRA CCC” is an RPG in which Kinoko Nasu was in charge of the main scenario. Imageepoch was in charge of development. The Holy Grail War of the Moon in the previous work should have been decided by the owner of the Holy Grail and ended. However, a fatal error occurred in Mooncell, and the mechanism of the Holy Cup War collapsed. The protagonist and quantum hackers are trapped behind the moon. The protagonists challenge the Sakura Labyrinth to escape from the other side of the moon. Another battle is depicted, set on the other side of the moon. As a servant of the main character, Gilgamesh has also appeared in addition to the three horses of the previous work. In addition, “Fate / EXTELLA” is a 3D action game set in the world after the Holy Cup War of the Moon. Supported platforms are PS4 / PS Vita / Nintendo Switch / PC (Steam) / iOS / Android. In “Fate / EXTELLA LINK”, the turmoil of the world of the moon is depicted in a time series after “Fate / EXTELLA”.


With this price revision, “Fate / EXTRA” has changed from 2409 yen to 800 yen, and “Fate / EXTRA CCC” has changed from 2619 yen to 800 yen. The price of the PS Vita version of “Fate / EXTELLA” has been reduced from 4378 yen to 2980 yen, and the price of the PS Vita version of “Fate / EXTELLA LINK” has also been reduced from 6578 yen to 3980 yen. Also, on July 22, the PS4 / Nintendo Switch version of “Fate / EXTELLA” will be reduced from 5478 yen to about 3980 yen. The iOS / Android version has also changed from 2440 yen to 1720 yen. In addition, the price of “Fate / EXTELLA LINK” PS4 / Nintendo Switch version has been reduced from 8778 yen to 4980 yen. The price of the iOS / Android version has also been reviewed and changed from 2440 yen to 1720 yen. The Steam version does not seem to be subject to this price revision.

The “Fate / EXTRA” series and “Fate / EXTELLA” series are being distributed at each store.

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