Father (32) shot by his dog while hunting? Dog is said to have stepped on the trigger of the gun

Shortly after becoming a father

Man (32) shot while hunting – by his own dog!

Father is shot while hunting – by his own dog?


What a tragic death! In Turkey, 32-year-old Özgür Gevrekoğlu is said to have been shot dead by his own dog. Gevrekoğlu was hunting with friends over Thanksgiving in the Kizlan plateau until he became a victim himself… Particularly dramatic: the 32-year-old had just become a father!

Dog is said to have stepped on the trigger

His baby was 10 days old when Özgür Gevrekoğlu was shot dead on his hunting trip. The 32-year-old is said to have just finished his hunt and loaded his car with booty and guns when his dog jumps into the trunk and the unbelievable happens: the animal comes with its paw on the trigger. The loaded rifle fires and hits the father at close range!

32-year-old father dies in hospital

Weird murder story

Family man shows up on social media with different dogs.


Any help came too late – Gevrekoğlu is said to have been taken to a hospital in Alaçam immediately after the accident, where he was pronounced dead a short time later. His body has now been taken to the capital Samsun for an autopsy to shed light on the matter.

Because – whether his dog really pulled the trigger is still unclear! It is also checked which dog accompanied the family man on the hunt. Gevrekoğlu, who had a heart for animals, shows up again and again with different dogs on social media. Sometimes with a four-legged friend that has lighter fur, in another photo he’s crouching next to a dog with darker fur.


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Wurde Özgür Gevrekoğlu ermordet?

Was it really an accident? There is speculation in the Turkish media that the killer dog could just be a cover for the terrible attack on Gevrekoğlu. Investigations are said to have already been initiated to uncover the details of the tragic death of the 32-year-old.

The father of the family is now mourned on social media. Countless comments commemorate his family. (xls)

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