Father embarrasses German professional football player – he’s “shocked”

«With Lambo from the bankruptcy club»

A middle-aged man in a convertible causes a scandal by taunting Schalke. His son: a former super talent and now a Premier League player.

  • The father of Max Meyer, Premier League professional and ex-Schalke player, pulls about the royal blue in a video.
  • The young German doesn’t like it at all, apologizes publicly.
  • And the father also noticed his mistake. He explains his show video to «Bild».

The former Schalke soccer professional Max Meyer has distanced himself from a video that shows his father driving a convertible. «I was just made aware of a video from my father. I am deeply shocked by this video. It doesn’t fit in my world, it doesn’t fit in this time, it doesn’t fit in any time », the 24-year-old writes on Instagram and Facebook.

But what can you see in the video? Well – in the 17-second clip you can see Meyer’s father, Hans-Joachim Meyer. He sits behind the wheel of a Lamborghini and speaks to the camera. «It doesn’t get any better, men. It doesn’t get any better. Through the forbidden city of Gelsenkirchen. Off to the tax advisor. Nice with the paid Lambo from the bankruptcy club. Wonderful, »he says. So it’s a video that’s on the embarrassment scale at the top.

The father apologizes

A fact that the father has now also become aware of. So he says to “Bild” opposite: “It was a bet and a gag among buddies. When Schalke won brilliantly against Gladbach, I leaned out of the window and said that Schalke will be ahead of Gladbach and Dortmund at the end of the season. I lost and had to redeem my betting debts. »

Distances himself from his father’s video: footballer Max Meyer.

Photo: Getty

There is a history

It is not known whether this excuse is enough for the young German. In his statement he clearly admits to the club from the Ruhr area. He writes: “I owe Schalke 04 a great deal and I dissociate myself from the nature and content of this video.”

The fact that it was not always good between Meyer and Schalke was shown in particular by the way they separated two years ago. Max Meyer at Schalke was once a great hope for the future, until the relationship ended in a public mud battle. Meyer had fallen out of favor two years ago because he had publicly announced after failed contract negotiations that he had internally closed with Schalke. In doing so, he brought the supporters and the whole club against him, and the great hope for the future was even suspended. Hans-Joachim Meyer then cleared out his son’s locker in the locker room.

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