“Fatigue”, “sadness”, “we give up nothing”: the bitterness of the participants in the Climate Convention

“So that this session 8 does not mean it’s over, we lost, I signed the citizens’ oath! »Announced this Sunday Grégoire Fraty, one of the 150 drawn at the Climate Convention. A few minutes earlier, Thierry Pech, co-chair of the governance of this experience of participatory democracy, unprecedented in France, concluded in a soft voice. In all, seventeen months of investment. During this final meeting (virtual, Covid obliges) a generalized disappointment was expressed, reflected in the very bad report card sent to the government.

This weekend, citizens assessed whether their proposals were taken into account on six major themes, and the government has never had the average: 3.4 out of 10 for “accommodation”; 3, 7 for the “produce and consume”, “feed” and “move” themes. On governance, that is to say the operation of this initiative, a small 4 out of 10. Like a wind of failure. Sunday, in the mosaic of video conference speakers, each raised a panel with a brief message. We could read “fatigue”, “sadness”, but also “We let nothing go”.

An oath for the planet

William Aucant, one of the drawn, put to the vote “an oath” to promise to respect the objectives set by their proposals, at least in a personal capacity. “It is already a way of continuing to act”, underlines Agnès Catoire, very invested in the association 150, which monitors the future of their 150 proposals. “Of course, individual actions cannot do everything, but you need a click, a symbol,” she continues. The citizens’ oath will soon be published on a platform, all French people will be invited to sign it. “Until citizen Macron”, claims William.

Some of those drawn have already taken “their pilgrim stick” to the National Assembly first, which will have to adopt the bill resulting from their proposals, renamed Climate and Resilience. “We are counting on the time for amendments to gain new victories,” insists Grégoire Fraty. Then should follow the referendum promised by the Head of State to introduce the defense of climate and biodiversity in the Constitution.

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