Fatima Zahra Salim Elqalb joins the management team of La Marocaine Vie

La Marocaine Vie announces the appointment to its Executive Committee of Fatima Zahra Salim Elqalb, Director of Human Resources and Communication within the company since April 2019.

This appointment demonstrates the importance the company gives to HR, Communication and change management functions in the implementation of its strategic ambitions and the achievement of its vocation as a benchmark insurer alongside its clients at times. that matter.

Fatima Zahra Salim Elqalb’s mission is to support the strong dynamic of the company’s renewal, in particular with regard to the challenges to be taken up around skills development, the evolution of working methods and the deployment of its proactive CSR strategy, aimed at to position itself as a responsible insurer, investor and employer, in line with the ambitious commitments made by the Société Générale group.

Fatima Zahra Salim Elqalb thus joins a management team composed of:

▪ Philippe Vial, Chief Executive Officer

▪ Taoufik Lachker Hidara, Deputy Managing Director, responsible for Management & Resources activities

▪ Faiçal Zahlane, Deputy Managing Director, in charge of Marketing & Development activities

▪ Hicham Amakran, Technical & Steering Director

▪ Samir Berrada, Finance & Investments Director (and Managing Director of Marocaine Vie Immobilier, real estate subsidiary of La Marocaine Vie)

A graduate of the Hassan II Aïn Chock University of Casablanca in logistics engineering and holder of a Masters in human resources management from ISCAE, Fatima Zahra Salim ElQalb started her career at Nestlé Maghreb in 2008, first within the activities procurement planning, before moving a year later to human resources, becoming an HR specialist.

From 2012, she joined La Marocaine Vie as HR Development Manager, before being appointed Human Resources Director 6 years later.

In 2019, a Human Resources & Communication Department was created within La Marocaine Vie under his supervision, in order to more effectively steer the internal transformation of the company and the evolution of its external position.

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