Fauchon closes two of its three stores on Place de la Madeleine in Paris

The caterer Fauchon, famous for its delicatessen but laminated by social movements and then the health crisis, will close two of its three stores at Place de la Madeleine in Paris, resulting in 77 layoffs, he announced Wednesday.

Bobigny Commercial Court “approved the continuation plan»Presented by the company, born 134 years ago, which thus leaves its receivership and keeps in the capital its hotel, the Grand Café Fauchon and a shop dedicated to tea, specifies the company in a press release.

This procedure concerned its own activities, that is to say the head office and the three Parisian stores located on Place de la Madeleine, the emblematic Parisian address of the brand for more than 130 years, grouped together within the Fauchon SAS subsidiary. It will therefore only employ 30 employees, against 107 so far.

«It’s not an easy time, but we have to move forward, the world is on the move, it’s up to us to review our copy“Fauchon president Samy Vischel told AFP, saying the future lies in smaller shops.”100 to 200 m2, closer to customers“, While the foreign clientele driven out by the Covid-19 pandemic, did not return to the capital.

The caterer’s Parisian activities had seen their turnover drop for four or five years, with the 2015 attacks, social movements and the 2019 Christmas strikes, a period when Fauchon achieved 30% of its annual turnover, before the administrative closure imposed by the Covid gives them the coup de grace.

The caterer, which has five other subsidiaries employing some 1,500 people, currently operates 73 shops, outlets and restaurants around the world, including 30 in Japan, three in Korea, six in Europe, two in Chile, 15 in the Middle East and , in France, 17 operated under franchise. Its main shareholder is the entrepreneur Michel Ducros, who entered the capital in 1998.

Fauchon now goes “refocus its activity on sales methods more in line with new consumer expectations, in Paris, France and around the world», He indicates. The group wants to remain a “standard bearer of the French art of living“, As part of a”global deployment strategy including hotels, schools and other projectsHe said.

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