“Faux-semblants”, on France 2, portrait of an old-fashioned cop

False pretenses

Friday November 20 at 9:05 p.m. on France 2

Freshly transferred from the financial squad to Crim ‘, Captain Valentine Ventura, a young single mother overwhelmed, faces her first murder: a journalist for the daily Great West was found dead at her home, strangled with a plastic hose clamp. Orphan raised in a foster family, the victim visibly lived beyond her means, seen the bags, luxury clothes and the bundle of banknotes found in her cupboards. But the leads to find his murderer are thin and the investigation is stalled.

Could the young woman’s assassination be linked to her investigations into the trafficking of a rich shipowner? Was she the victim of a serial killer as suggested by the local press, exhuming two similar cases? A size is called to the rescue to help the “blue”: Captain Antoine Thomas, absent from the service since the car accident which deprived him, two years earlier, of his legs.

An award-winning thriller at the Cognac Festival

Thierry Godard excels in the roles of seasoned and surly cop, angry with the procedures but whose atypical methods end up proving their effectiveness. While he has just laid down Gilou’s arms in the last season of Gears (Canal +), here he is more convincing and moving than ever in the skin of this dented cop, eaten away by bitterness and inconsolable since the disappearance of his wife, who died in front of his eyes after the accident.

Akim Isker’s thriller, awarded the prize for best television film at the Cognac festival in 2020, tackles head-on the issue of disability, the physical and moral suffering experienced by this recognized professional, accustomed to dominating men and situations. and here reached in his dignity as much as in his flesh. Facing him, Noémie Schmidt, in the role of Captain Ventura, brings a welcome touch of lightness to this dark story, the final twist of which will surprise more than one. We also salute the accuracy of the supporting roles, from Laurent Bateau to Steve Tientcheu.


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