favoritism on the show? Lucie Lucas answers

DANCE WITH THE STARS 2021. If season 11 of Dancing with the Stars is going very well, some are wondering about a possible favoritism around Lucie Lucas because of his friendship with Denitsa Ikonomova. The actress spoke about it this week.

[Mis à jour le 15 octobre 2021 à 11h53] What if a Dance with the Stars contestant was favored over the others this season? This is the question that some are asking given that the young actress of the Clem series is close to Denitsa Ikonomova, dancer and now DALS juror. As a juror, Denitsa could indeed be accused of favoring her friend from a rating point of view. In an interview with Nous Deux, however, Lucie Lucas defended herself: “I do not believe it. Denitsa is someone deeply just. She is very whole and honest. I do not think that she is demonstrating. complacency with me. She’s right, you have to say it. It will allow me to move forward. ” According to Lucie Lucas, Denitsa Ikonomva “feels completely free to be completely frank in helping me and I am grateful to her for that.” This should undoubtedly close the subject.

The dance program with the stars 11

TF1 has formalized the casting of season 11 of Dance with the stars drop by drop on social networks, confirming information from Télé Loisirs released a few weeks earlier. In the casting of DALS 2021, we will find the following 13 personalities:

  • the Miss France and singer Vaimalama Chaves
  • singer Bilal Hassani
  • singer Wedjene
  • the actress of Clem Lucie Lucas
  • the actress Aurélie Pons d’Ici it all begins
  • Koh Lanta Moussa
  • comedian Lola Dubini
  • the dancer Dita von Teese
  • singer Tayc
  • the singer Lââm
  • the actor of the Chorists Jean-Baptiste Maunier
  • humorist Gérémy Crédeville
  • the youtubeur Michou

Due to the sanitary conditions, viewers could not enjoy a season of Dancing with the stars in 2020. Indeed, it was difficult for the production to guarantee the safety of the participants but also of the dancers in the midst of a pandemic period. . Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars begins on TF1 on September 17, 2021 as of 9:05 p.m.. Note that the broadcast box has changed: instead of Saturday, it is now Friday evening that the faithful of the dance competition will find the program.

The jury for Dance with the Stars changes profoundly in 2021. Patrick Dupond, who died in March 2021, leaves a great void in the DALS family. Jean-Marc Généreux, for his part, left to work for France Televisions, he will not be back on TF1. Shy’m, meanwhile, did not resume her jury seat. The 2021 jury of Dance with the stars was formalized by press release by TF1: Chris Marques will be back in the jury chair, accompanied by the French designer jean paul Gaultier, the dancer Denitsa Ikonomov and the dancer of the Paris Opera Francois Alu. At the presentation, Camille Combal will return to the animation of the dance competition. And he will not be accompanied by Karine Ferri who will only be present in the second part of the show at the end of the evening.

Season 10 of Dance with the Stars ended in November 2019 with a final between two men: Ladji Doucouré and Sami El Gueddari. Accompanied by the professional dancer Inès Vandamme, Ladji Doucouré was not unworthy but it was Sami El Gueddari who won with the help of Fauve Hautot. The dancing duo won with 62% of the viewers’ votes: Sami El Gueddari therefore won Dance with the Stars 2019.

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