FAZ Wissen – the podcast: Astronomers as climate protectors

The FAZ Knowledge Podcast with Joachim Müller-Jung and Sibylle Anderl
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The study of the cosmos also makes a not inconsiderable contribution to earthly climate change. Astronomers are now beginning to face up to their responsibilities and ask: How can astronomy be made more climate-friendly?

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Joachim Müller-Jung

Joachim Müller-Jung

Editor in the features section, responsible for the “Nature and Science” section.

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The papers for this podcast:

Life on Venus? The study in Nature Astronomy, Greaves et al. (2020), “Phosphine gas in the cloud decks of Venus” Supplements to the Venus Study


Editorial “The climate issue”, published in “Nature Astronomy”

Australian overview study: “The imperative to reduce carbon emissions in astronomy”

Comment on the CO2 balance of the MPIA in Heidelberg: “An astronomical institute’s perspective on meeting the challenges of the climate crisis”

Comment on the energy consumption of astrophysical simulations: “The ecological impact of high-performance computing in astrophysics”

Comparison of the carbon footprint of a conference digital vs. analogous: “The carbon footprint of large astronomy meetings”

Other studies that were not explicitly discussed:

Climate balance of an astronomical observatory: “Measuring carbon emissions at the Canada–France–Hawaii Telescope”

Influence of climate change on astronomical observations: “The impact of climate change on astronomical observations”


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