FBI urges police to be on red alert for possible violent attacks

FBI officials have warned the chiefs of police in large US cities that their forces should be on “red alert” and that they communicate all the intelligence information they have in the face of possible violent attacks due to the inauguration of Joe Biden. as president of the United States, on January 20.

According to The New York Times, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Acting Director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Kenneth Cuccinelli were deeply concerned in a 45-minute phone call about the possibility. that extremist violence breaks out, some of the participants in the conversation told the media.

Wray noted in the call that “we must continue to share too much intelligence information,” according to the testimony of the head of the Miami Police Department, Jorge Colina.

“They don’t want us to assume that they already know something specific, so whatever we come across, please send it to them,” Colina said.

The senior officials also indicated that they will launch a national threat warning urging all Americans to be cautious in the coming days, according to a police officer who also heard the call but asked to remain anonymous given the confidential nature of the information.

Having deployed a large number of devices to protect the Washington Capitol, senior officials from both agencies appeared to be concerned about possible attacks on state capitols, federal buildings, legislators’ residences and businesses.

Representatives of the security forces also said they were closely monitoring conversations between extremists on the internet and asked police chiefs to also take into account people who can act alone as well as local armed groups.

“They are very, very concerned about what they called domestic violent extremists and that they may be embedded in the protests,” the anonymous source said.

“Cristopher Wray seemed to be particularly concerned about the indifference these people show towards a democratic government,” he added.


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