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FC Aarau sells expensive, but receives the third defeat in series – Regional Sports (AZ) – Sports in Lausanne


Review: A week ago in the home game against Vaduz (1: 2), Aaraus Nicolas Schindelholz undermines an own goal of the “inexplicable” brand: The defender pushes the ball into the net instead of simply letting it roll past the goal.

As a punishment, Schindelholz sits on the substitute bench in Lausanne seven days later, in his place the 17-year-old Stevan Lujic plays. From the outside, Schindeholz had to confirm in the 63rd minute that a similar mishap happened to his team-mate Marco Schneuwly. Difference: The scene that may be decisive in the end does not take place in front of Aarau, but in front of the opposing goal.

So Schneuwly runs alone to Lausanne goalkeeper Castella, alongside him with Petar Misic and Raoul Giger two other Aarau guys, also uncovered. Schneuwly could shoot himself from a few meters, but selflessly decides to pass on Giger. So far so good. But then the pass gets too steep, Giger has no chance to reach the ball, the 100% chance of the 1-0 is wasted.

Should Schneuwly shoot himself? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter – because: If three Aarauers run unreservedly to the opposing goal and this situation does not result in 1-0, there is only one conclusion: Everything is wrong. Just like Schindelholz on his own goal a week earlier.
Three minutes after Schneuwly’s faux pas comes what felt to come: Lausannes Noah Loosli climbs the highest after a corner and scores 1-0, Aarau goalkeeper Nicholas Ammeter is powerless against the header from close range.

It remains at 0: 1, which is why the Aarau team go empty-handed for the third time in a row. The fear that the defensive FCA against the best offensive in the league (55 goals in 22 games) will go under the wheels. But midfielder Olivier Jäckle does not want to rate this as a success, he says: «We are FC Aarau, we aim to win every game. Even if we lack self-confidence and competitive luck in the current situation. Too bad, because the defeat against Lausanne was anything but imperative, we were an opponent at eye level. But to score here with the leader, you have to take advantage of opportunities like those just before the 0-1. »
The courage to attack is better for FC Aarau

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Nevertheless: The team and coach have to hold onto something before the upcoming home game against Kriens, in which only victory counts. In Lausanne, for example, the team’s unity, which persisted even after the 0-1 win, was noticed positively. Unlike so often this season, when a goal conceded the FCA structure.

Or the realization that courage to attack the team is better than deep defending: In the first 25 minutes, the Aarau team hardly dared to move from their own half of the field, after winning the ball the game equipment was quickly lost again and the pressure from the home team increased. As soon as the Aarau defenders staggered 20 meters higher, the Lausanne fans also had to think about defending, which in turn defused their storm run. Proof of this: After the well-placed Aarauer goalie saved Ammeter twice in the start-up phase, Lausanne recorded no further major chances from the 25th minute and until 1: 0.

«We sold better here on the Pontaise than many other teams. We can’t buy any of that, but it showed that the team is alive and everyone is willing to come out of the crisis together, ”says Patrick Rahmen. The coach contributed his part to the stable and refreshing appearance by showing courage by taking 17-year-old Lujic and Miguel Peralta, who was healthy after a long injury break. Frame would have liked to bring in newcomer Shkelzen Gashi during the game, but an inflammation, a result of the test game against FC Basel U21 during the week, made this impossible.

Ultimately, it has to be stated: Appealing performance with the league leaders or not – next Sunday the FCA must a) confirm the upward trend and b) win. Otherwise dark clouds appear over the Brügglifeld.



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