FC Barcelona vs. Royal Antwerp: Champions League Live Coverage and Highlights

2023-09-19 19:54:22

FC Barcelona welcomes Belgian club Royal Antwerp on the first matchday of the new Champions League season. You can follow the game in the live ticker here.

FC Barcelona vs. Royal Antwerp – 4:0


1:0 Joao Felix (11.), 2:0 Lewandowski (19.), 3:0 Bataille (22./ET), 4:0 Gavi (54.)

Lineup FC Barcelona

Stegen – Joao Cancelo, Koundé, Christensen, Balde – Gündogan, F. de Jong (58. Romeu), Gavi (58. Lopez) – Raphinha, Lewandowski, Joao Felix

Lineup Royal Antwerp

Butez – Bataille, Alderweireld, Coulibaly, Wijndal – Keita, Vermeeren, Muja, Ekkelenkamp (61. Yusuf), M. Balikwisha (61. De Laet) – Janssen (60. Ilenikhena)

yellow cards

Gavi (36.)


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FC Barcelona vs. Royal Antwerp: Champions League NOW in the live ticker – 4:0

63. It’s quite possible that the encounter will just babble along like this. Especially since there could still be a few changes in the course of the second half that could further disrupt the flow of the game.

61. Likewise De Laet, who replaces Balikwisha.

61. Ekkelenkamp goes down next, Alhassan Yusuf comes on for the last 30 minutes.

60. Now also the first changes at Royal Antwerp. Youngster Ilenikhena replaces Janssen in attack.

58. And for Gavi, youngster Fermin Lopez makes the first Champions League appearance of his career.

58. Time for the first changes. Frenkie de Jong leaves the field after a strong game, Oriol Romeu can now play for over 30 minutes.

FC Barcelona vs. Royal Antwerp: Champions League NOW in the live ticker – Goal Barcelona

54. Tooor! FC BARCELONA – Royal Antwerp 4-0. Antwerp won’t be able to stop the next Barca attack at all. Cancelo and Gündogan play a one-two, the flat cross from the right finds Lewandowski, who cannot control the ball. Gündogan is next, shoots at Lewandowski. From his heel, the game device jumps through the penalty area, in the end it is Gavi who takes a dry shot and chases the ball into the top left corner. Butez once again has no chance of defending himself.

51. The guests attack from the right, Vermeeren moves into the penalty area, but de Jong is there and clears for a corner. It poses no danger.

48. Barca gets going again straight away and has the first attack of the second half via Cancelo. Gündogan narrowly missed his cross into the middle. Butez has the ball safely in his arms.

46. ​​Things continue without any personnel changes.

Half time For ten minutes, Barcelona flexed their muscles and demonstrated their offensive strength at its best this season. The Blaugrana make a lot out of a little. Joao Felix, Robert Lewandowski and an own goal ensure a secure 3-0 lead, which – depending on how high – will remain at the final whistle. There shouldn’t really be any doubt about that. Because Royal Antwerp is no match for the Catalans defensively, there is actually nothing going forward. Mark van Bommel and the Belgian team would have to pull off a miracle in the second 45 minutes for the outcome to change.

45.+1. The one minute that is replayed is over. The whistle will blow in time. Barca lead 3-0 at the break.

44. Muja with the first Champions League finish in history for Antwerp. This isn’t a problem for ter Stegen, but it’s worth mentioning.

43. Lewandowski picks up the ball in front of the penalty area and looks for Raphinha and Cancelo in the dangerous area. However, his cross is safely cleared by Aldeweireld.

41. Barca are now taking things a little easier. Who could blame them? Of course, they don’t stop their efforts completely, but the leadership is certainly doing them a lot of good.

39. De Jong looks for Joao Felix with a chip on the left post, which goes a little too far and spins out of the goal.

36. The first card of the game goes to Gavi, who allows himself a tactical foul after losing the ball.

35. Raphina tests Butez with a shot from the right edge of the penalty area. The keeper can hold on to his first ball in today’s game. It’s probably good for him too.

32. Antwerp is still having a pretty difficult time offensively. They cannot create attacks. Janssen is completely up in the air, and the ex-Herthan player Ekkelenkamp doesn’t really know how to try to crack Barca.

28. The right side of the defense in particular is constantly on fire for the Belgians. Bataille and front man Keita don’t come into play at all. Even Balde keeps getting involved quite offensively and cannot be brought under control.

25. The European adventure is turning into a bit of a disaster for the guests. Even if no points were not planned here, a 0-3 deficit after 25 minutes should be something to worry about.

FC Barcelona vs. Royal Antwerp: Champions League NOW in the live ticker – Goal Barcelona

22. Tooor! FC BARCELONA – Royal Antwerp 3-0. This match would now be decided. Balde can do whatever he wants on the left, he will not be attacked. He passes it to Raphina, who runs towards the goal line on the left edge of the penalty area and delivers the cross into the middle. Bataille deflects it so badly that Butez flies past and the ball goes over the line from the post.

22. The statement is made within ten minutes. The guests’ brisk style of play blows up in their faces a bit, as they give the Blaugrana far too much space for space and creation defensively.

FC Barcelona vs. Royal Antwerp: Champions League NOW in the live ticker – Goal Barcelona

19. Too bad! FC BARCELONA – Royal Antwerp 2-0. They’re in a good mood. De Jong plays a great pass into the left interface. Joao Felix keeps Wijndal at bay with his dribbling and short runs into the middle and can therefore cross nicely to the second post. There, Robert Lewandowski is criminally unmarked, Coulibaly narrowly cancels out the offside. The Pole just has to push in from five meters.

16. Gündogan kicks a corner into the box from the right. This is where Christensen rises highest, but his header goes well past the goal to the left.

13. It is the first properly presented attack by the home team, who don’t take long to ask. And one thing needs to be noted now. Joao Felix is ​​getting better and better in the Blaugrana jersey. At Atleti, all of this would have been unthinkable.

FC Barcelona vs. Royal Antwerp: Champions League NOW in the live ticker – Goal Barcelona

11. Too bad! FC BARCELONA – Royal Antwerp 1-0. Barca settle a little further into the opponent’s half, Antwerp are too passive. Lewandowski receives the ball from Gündogan from the center and plays it back to the German, who passes it to Joao Felix. The left winger receives the ball, moves into the middle and finishes confidently from 15 meters into the left corner. Butez sees the ball late and can no longer intervene.

8. Strong start from de Jong across half the pitch, the ball ends up in a detour at Joao Felix. The Portuguese is knocked off his feet by Aldeweireld just before the penalty area, obviously fair as there is no whistle.

5. Long ball towards Vincent Janssen, who appears free in front of Ter Stegen, but the German keeper is quicker to the ball and leaves him standing with a simple deception, thus eliminating the danger.

3. Well, who would have thought? In the first few minutes, Royal lets the ball run smoothly in their own ranks, Barca waits without pressing.

1. After the minute of silence for the victims of the flood disaster in Libya and the earthquake in Morocco, we are now ready. It’s starting. The guests toasted.

before the start The anthem of the Champions League sounds. Let’s look forward to 90 interesting minutes.

before the start Enough of the forewords, we are looking forward to 90 minutes of football. Not at the Nou Camp, but at the Estadio Olimpico, as the venerable stadium was demolished this summer and will be rebuilt by 2025. Around 45,000 spectators are on site and things can start right away. The referee of the game is Radu Petrescu from Romania.

before the start Enough of the forewords, we are looking forward to 90 minutes of football. Not at the Nou Camp, but at the Estadio Olimpico, as the venerable stadium was demolished this summer and will be rebuilt by 2025. 56,000 spectators are on site and it can start right away. The referee of the game is Radu Petrescu from Romania.

before the start We’ll start the late Champions League slot this evening in just a few minutes. At 6:45 p.m. four teams were already in action: Milan and Newcastle were tied 0-0. And RB Leipzig gets a three-pointer at Young Boys Bern, they win 3-1.

Before we begin Let’s now talk about the competition. Barcelona are certainly hoping for something, but they are not the absolute favorites in the race for the title. At least they got an absolutely doable round with Group H. Porto and Donetsk are the other group opponents, and first place should normally be safe here.

before beginning Speaking of mega talent: we can also talk about Lamine Yamal. The 16-year-old will most likely become the second youngest Champions League player in history – after Youssoufa Moukoko. Yamal has been delighting many fans and his teammates with his way of playing football for a few weeks now. The native Catalan scored his first goal in professional football in his first international match for Spain – in a 7-1 win over Georgia.

Before the start The most interesting players from the guests who should be highlighted are, in addition to old master Toby Aldeweireld, striker Vincent Janssen and midfield talent Arthur Vermeeren. Vermeeren in particular will attract a lot of attention, as he already has a secure regular place at the age of 18 and, with a market value of 17 million, is clearly the Belgians’ most expensive player according to Transfermarkt.

before the start Mark van Bommel trusts what is perhaps the best team he has on paper and was also successful with a 3-0 win at KVC Westerlo on Saturday. With one exception: Arbnor Muja replaces Gyrano Kerk on the right wing.

before the start And Royal Antwerp? They go like this: Butez – Bataille, Coulibaly, Aldeweireld, Wijndal – Keita, Vermeeren – Muja, Ekkelenkamp, ​​Balikwisha – Janssen.

before the start Xavi Hernandez is, as always, spoiled for choice in attack. In contrast to the 5-0 win over Betis Sevilla in the league, he is leaving Ferran Torres out today. Raphinha comes in for that. As expected, Ilkay Gündogan will be rotated back into the starting eleven for Romeu.

Before we start We start with the line-up from FC Barcelona, ​​which will line up as follows: Ter Stegen – Cancelo, Kounde, Christensen, Balde – de Jong, Gündogan, Gavi – Raphinha, Lewandowski, Joao Felix.

before the start For the Catalans, the Belgian champions are an absolute must. In a group with Barcelona, ​​FC Porto and Shakhtar Donetsk, Antwerp is a blatant outsider in Group H.

before the start The game will be played at the Olimpic Lluis Companys at 9 p.m. German time.

before the start Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the Champions League match between FC Barcelona and Royal Antwerp.

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FC Barcelona vs. Royal Antwerp: Champions League in the live stream today

The game between FC Barcelona and Royal Antwerp will be shown live and in full length on the DAZN streaming service. The broadcast with commentator Flo Hauser starts there at 9 p.m. The DAZN Unlimited package is required for the Champions League.

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